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A Complete DIY Guide For Painting Your Doors

A Complete DIY Guide For Painting Your Doors

Are you planning a grand renovation of your house? Or maybe you want to DIY a new home? A paint job can cost a precious few dollars that you can easily save with a DIY project. It will give you a chance to unleash your creativity and test your DIY skills, all while painting your own house. Renovations can be an adventure! So, if you are someone who likes to do the job themselves, then pick up your paintbrushes and buckets to give your home the makeover it deserves. 

Tips on what colors to choose for your doors

Front Door

A Complete DIY Guide For Painting Your Doors

Your front door is the first impression of your house. Considering the special relevance it holds for your home, choosing the right color to paint your front door can be a time-consuming task. Here are some tips to help you with this task.

  • Neutral Tones: Neutral tones like black, white, gray, and brown are always a safe bet. They have a classic beauty that suits the wall color patterns of most homes. A black front door can be a bold yet subtle statement. It will look great with contemporary, modern, and classic home decor. Similarly, white, gray, and natural brown will also complement any of the above home decor styles. These colors are not bold, and instead, they flow with the color scheme of the rest of the house. On the other hand, a black front door has a presence of its own. It will contrast most soft wall paint patterns and bring the focus of the attention to itself. 
  • Bright Colors: If you are repainting your front door to add some zing to your house, do not hesitate to go with bright colors. There are several options, from a deep blue to a bright red or yellow. Using bright colors will undoubtedly attract attention to your front door, so if it is something you want to show off, you better go ahead with one of these colors. If you have replaced an old front door with a new one, it is a great idea to paint it bright. On the other hand, if you are repainting an old door with a few chips and scratches, it is better to go with a safer neutral tone. A black front door is great at hiding minor flaws.
Interior Doors

A Complete DIY Guide For Painting Your Doors

To make a better decision about which color to paint the interior doors, you must pay attention to the following details:

  • Interior wall color: Consider the color of your walls. Is it a solid color? Or is it a combination with an accent wall? The color you choose for your interior door should either match or complement your walls. Black interior doors are the new trend in modern designer homes. It is best to not go too crazy with the color of interior doors as they may disrupt the vibe of the house. A gray or white door will almost certainly match or complement your walls. A wooden finish or black interior door will create a beautiful contrast with the color of your walls. If you wish to use other colors, be careful and ensure that all the doors are the same pattern and match the front door. Bright interior doors are unpopular because of the constant photosensitive effect on your eyes.
  • Closet door color: Another important thing to keep in mind is the color of the closet doors in each room. The closet doors form a set along with the interior doors. Here, you can use your creativity to match or complement the color of closet doors with your interior doors and walls. You will find several closet door ideas online to choose from, or you can use them to create your closet door ideas. For instance, a classic look is to go with white walls, white doors, and white closet doors. Another variation could be white or off-white walls with black closet doors and black interior doors. A black closet door will go with the most neutral wall colors and an accent wall pattern. The all-time favorite gray and timber colors are also good options to match the interior and closet doors. There are many more closet door ideas that you are free to look through before making a decision.
  • Color of door casings: Even though most modern designers would advise against it, you have the option to choose a different color for your door casings and a different one for your interior doors. This is an adventurous idea that looks great with very specific types of home decor. 
Some good color combination ideas are:
  1. Match the color of the casing with the color of the adjoining wall while painting the door a different color.
  2. Keep the casings white and use a neutral color for the door.
  3. Use a lighter or darker tone for the casing.
  4. Use a bright color for the casing and white for the door.
  • Placement of the doors: An essential point for consideration while painting your interior doors is how many doors are placed close to each other or in a single room. If the arrangement for your house places many doors face to face or side by side, it is better to go with a solid color rather than patterns that will clash with each other. For instance, if you go with black interior doors and white casings, it is better to opt for a solid black door.
Garage Door

A Complete DIY Guide For Painting Your Doors

Your garage door is an equally important part of the house, especially if it is facing the front of your home. The most popular choices are Steel and black garage doors. Due to their massive size, it is better to avoid the rainbow colors and stick with the classics. A black garage door complements most wall colors and front door colors. It does not have to match either the walls or the front door.

Black garage doors are trending right now, with manufacturers providing various options. You can install windows in your black garage door too. Your garage door is a stand-alone component of your house. You can change your garage door entirely and replace it with a garage screen door. A screen door adds beauty and natural light to your garage.

Having a garage screen door is especially useful if you use your garage for other purposes. It can be a workshop or just a peaceful, quiet place to get away for a while. Your garage doesn't have to look like a dungeon. A garage screen door can keep the insects out while giving you an unrestricted view.

5 DIY steps to paint your doors

  • Color selection: Choose a color using the tips mentioned above. Give it proper time and consideration. Your next task would be to purchase good quality paint. Measure your doors and check how much paint you will need. Purchase the paint for the front door and the garage door separate from the interior door, as these doors will require outdoor paints.
  • Painting tools: You will need the right tools for a successful DIY paint job. Here is a list to help you with the basics:
      • Sandpaper
      • Utility knife
      • Cover cloth for floors and furniture
      • Painter’s tape
      • Paint brushes of varied sizes
      • Foam roller
    • Door preparation: To prepare your door for painting, follow the steps below:
        • Cover handles and hinges using painter's tape.
        • Sand the door using fine sandpaper to remove the top layer and even it out.
        • Prime the door if it is not pre-primed.
      • Painting order: Start painting from the edges and paint the panels later. Once you have covered both sides with a single layer of paint, wait for it to dry. Drying might take anywhere between 12 and 24 hours, depending on the paint you are using. After it has dried, sand the door once more before reapplying the paint.
      • Re-coat: This is the last step. Apply a second coat of paint on both sides of the door. Let it dry for up to 24 hours. You can remove the tape from the handles and hinges, and you will be finished.


      Completing a DIY project feels great, like an achievement of a kind. You deserve to pat yourself on the shoulder if you have finished the paint job. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, your doors will look brand new.

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