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Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are essential if you look forward to securing your property from trespassers. These gates come in both manual and automatic forms. It depends on what sort of gate you need for your residential area. If you have a small place, then a small automatic gate will suffice for you, while if you are looking for a driveway gate for professional use, it can be both manual and automatic. 

While it is easy to handle automatic gates, you might need someone to handle the manual ones. That must be an extra overhead. Moreover, there are swing gates and sliding gates to choose from. Once again, you can decide whether you want a sliding or swinging gate, depending on several factors. 

In this article, we will talk about the different parts of driveway gates that you will require to complete assembling a driveway gate. There is a wide range of accessories that are needed for the task. Guess what? You can get them online at very affordable prices. 

We hope this collection of products will help you decide which parts you will need for your structure.  

Different Parts and When to Use Them 

You need to be aware of different parts of driveway gates. So, here are some of the types: 

Latch - A latch is a very common and essential part of a gate. You will need a latch to secure your gate, and this can be used in both sliding and swinging gates. 

Tracks - These particular parts for driveway gates are essential if you install sliding gates. These tracks will help pass the gate on top of them without any friction or noise.

Gate wheel - These engineered wheels help in sliding the gates. So these are especially used in sliding gates. 

Gate posts - These are the other basic things you need for your driveways gates. These posts are generally used for swinging gates and not the sliding ones.  

Top Collection of Parts Needed for Driveway Gates

  1. Galvanized Gate Latch

The Aleko Universal Gate Door Flip Latch is easy to install and use. It has a latch mechanism that can help lock the driveway against outsiders. This latch can be used in several doors or gates, including wood, steel, iron, and even PVC. They are great for both swinging and sliding gates. It is perfect for windy areas. 

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates
  1. Galvanized Steel Gate Inverted V Tracks

Aleko Inverted V tracks are galvanized steel-shaped inverted tracks that can be used for rolling and sliding driveway gates. The tracks are built of galvanized steel and have cracks or breaks on them. There is no chance of these getting rusted. Every section is around 6 feet long and 2 inches wide. These are made of 12 GA steel with 90-degree angles. The rounded top makes it easy for vehicles to pass by. There is absolutely no noise and minimal friction on the vehicles' tires that pass by. The parts come with anchor bolts. 

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates

  1. Aleko Galvanized V Track for Gate Opener 12 Feet

The Aleko Galvanized V track is of sheet and is used for sliding and rolling gates. It is of very high quality and is made of galvanized steel. There are no cracks or breaks at all. The V track is around 6 feet long and about two and a half inches wide. It is made of 12 GA galvanized steel. The rounded top lets the vehicle pass by without any noise or friction. 

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates
  1. Aleko Side Roller With Bracket for Sliding Rolling Gate 6 Inch

The Aleko Side Roller is easy to install. It is used to stabilize the gate and keep it in position. These rollers are of very good quality. They are usually mounted on both sides of the gate. Each of these is sold individually. However, you would need a pair of these rollers to hold the gate in the proper position. These are built of UV-protected hard plastic and are made to help withstand extreme climate conditions. Such rollers will be there for years. They don't need any maintenance. One can fix these to the gates by welding or bolting.

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates

  1. Aleko V-Groove Gate Wheel for V-Profile Sliding Gate Tracks 4 Inch GWHEEL4V-AP

Aleko Power Wheels are the best choice for someone looking for commercial or sliding gate tracks. The steel V groove wheels are 2 inches wide. They have been designed to minimize the need for maintenance. The gold zinc tracks are plated and sealed with ball bearings. These wheels of 4 inches dimensions are very useful in housing. They come with a bearing for round tracks suitable for flat mounting below the gate. These are designed to carry loads of up to 350 kg. They require no additional greasing or maintenance.

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates


  1. Aleko Universal Flip Gate Latch LM192-AP 

The Aleko Door Flip Latch is coated with powder and designed for easy installation and operation. LM192 is great for locking your driveway, shed, or even backyard. The product is rust-free, so there is little to no chance of rusting. Also, it can tolerate all sorts of extreme weather conditions. It will keep your driveway secured from animals or trespassers. It is perfect for windy areas as it keeps the gate secured in place tightly.

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates

  1. Aleko Side Roller with Bracket for Sliding Rolling Gate 2-Inch SIDEROLLER2INCH-AP

The Aleko Side Roller is needed for sliding gates. It is 2 inches long. Ideally, you would need to mount two of these vertically on both sides to keep the gate stable. It is made of UV-protected hard plastic. The design is beautiful and is made to resist extreme climate conditions. You can keep these rollers for years and that too without any maintenance. The best way to fix them on the gates is by bolting or welding. The diameter of the roller is around 1 m. You can use the heavy-duty weld bolt on the bracket as well. However, the tall C bracket can be used for mounting. The best thing is you don't even need greasing to maintain the roller. 

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates

  1. Aleko Gate Post 8' x 3.5" x 3.5'' for Driveway Steel Gates Set of 2 2GATEPOST8FTD-AP

The Aleko Gate post is around 8 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. It is a set of two bars. The product comes along with two hinges. These will form a major part of the gate. The look is pretty aesthetic, so one can surely go for these bars as far as design is concerned. 

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates

  1. Aleko Universal Gate Attaching Bracket LM190-AP

The Aleko Universal Gate Bracket is great for swing and sliding gate openers. Whether you have an AS series or a GG series, it works well for both. You can expect the product to be shipped within 2 to 7 business days. The company guarantees top-notch quality of the product.

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates


  1. Aleko Small Cap for Driveway Gate Post 1.7 x 1.7 Inches Black Lot of 2 2SMALLCAP-AP

The small caps for driveway gates are very small and can be placed on top of the gate. These are about 17 inches in size and made of galvanized steel; they help give your gate a complete look. The material is too good to keep away dirt and rain. Galvanized steel is extremely good as it prevents rust or corrosion. 

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates

  1. Aleko Simple bolt-on Adjustable Steel Latch for Gates CX14A-AP

The Aleko Adjustable Steel Latch for gates is one of the fine hardware pieces needed for driveway gate constructions. The spring helps open the gate and keep it shut for a better and secured fit. The extra duty on construction makes it a perfect latch for any animal closure or driveway gate. The design is versatile and creative, making it easy to get the right latch for your gate. It works both ways whether you are looking for a simple bolted design or a professional welded unit. These latches are steel and galvanized, making them resistant to fight rust and other surfaces. 

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates


  1. Aleko Sliding Gate Hardware Kit With Extension Bracket SLIDE KIT-AP

The Aleko Sliding gates consist of an entire hardware kit and extension brackets. The basic kit is designed to convert regular gates to sliding gates. The diameter of the support is around 1 inch, and the height is 12 inches. It can be attached to the gate using welding or bolting. The C brackets are pretty tall and can be used for mounting. There is absolutely no need for any maintenance or greasing. It is very easy to install the sliding gates with this hardware kit and extension brackets. 

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates


  1. Aleko Universal Swing Gate or Door Flip Latch LAT-04-AP

The Universal door flip latch is made of a steep latch and is easy to install and operate. The latch is perfect for keeping driveways locked away from trespassers. You can use this latch on various gates made of various materials. It is perfect for high windy areas and is available at a very affordable price. It is compatible with swing gates.

Check Out the Essential Parts for Driveway Gates



So this is all about the different parts for driveway gates. These parts are of the best quality and made from durable material. There is no need to worry about their lifespan, as they can go on for long durations without interruption. There is no need for maintenance. There is no need for greasing as well. These parts are perfect and can be used to assemble and install various driveway gates very easily. 

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