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Everything You Need To Know About Pool Decking

Everything You Need To Know About Pool Decking

The immediate space surrounding your pool is called your pool deck. This area, often referred to as a pool patio, where you put lounge chairs, tables, and other pool/backyard furniture. The deck plays an important role in enhancing your entire pool area's appearance and style. One of the most important things while building a pool deck is the material used to design the flooring of the deck. The flooring of your deck should be aesthetically appealing, welcoming, well-built, and non-slippery. 

Here are some of the most important things that you need to know when designing the pool deck.

Decking Material Matters

Everything You Need To Know About Pool Decking

Always consider a wide range of potential materials when planning your pool decking to achieve the ideal appearance for your pool. Your pool decking's variety in design options lets you give your complete poolscape a distinctive appearance. Let's examine the various pool deck materials and their unique qualities.


The most straightforward choice for a pool deck is concrete. But it's also solid and adaptable. The biggest benefit of using concrete for decking is its low cost. It is among the most affordable solutions for a pool deck, with broom-finished concrete being by far the least priced. Concrete offers you a lot of freedom in terms of style alternatives, which is another significant advantage. 

Concrete pool decks aren't always straightforward and unadorned. You can choose from various finishing methods, including textured and stamped concrete.

Because it combines the affordability of concrete with the elegance of stone pavers or any other aesthetic, stamped concrete is especially adaptable. Concrete may so somewhat mimic a variety of other materials, including wood. Natural stones are a great and lovely option for decking, but their cost is frequently a deterrent. 

A concrete deck's main flaw is that cracks will ultimately appear. There are various ways to control it, but there isn't much you can do about it. A Florida pool and spa constantly in the sun is particularly prone to breaking. Stamped concrete causes a small additional annoyance. When wet, stamped concrete can become slick, smooth, and hazardous.


Wood is another common material for pool decking. The market offers a wide variety of wood types. Wood is inexpensive, simple to deal with, and gives off a lovely, organic aspect. It is also a good option for landscapes and pools with irregular shapes. 

Maintenance is crucial because of its proximity to water. To prevent color loss and damage, wood decks need to be cleaned, sanded, and sealed on a seasonal basis.

Synthetic materials that resemble plastic but seem like real wood. Compared to actual wood, its composition requires far less upkeep. Even after repeated exposure to water and sunlight, it won't fade, splinter, or rot. It comes in a variety of colors, much like conventional wood. The price difference between composite and regular wood is its only drawback.

Everything You Need To Know About Pool Decking


Stone can be replaced by pavers, which preserve many of the same qualities. Stone pavers are an excellent way to get a nice deck without paying a lot of money. However, concrete pavers are far more readily available and less expensive. In a few instances, concrete pavers are better than poured concrete.

Pavers are cured before they are installed, as opposed to poured concrete, cured at the location where it is poured. They are significantly less likely to crack as a result. Pavers are made of little pieces of concrete, making them even more challenging to crack. Instead of having one huge, inelastic surface, each paver can move slightly.

Pavers also give you a great deal of freedom to construct them in any way you like. You may create various styles by combining and contrasting colors and compositions. Pavers made of concrete cost a little more than poured concrete. Many people will discover that having less upkeep and more durability is worthwhile, nevertheless.


For any type of pool, a classy and modern appearance. Pool decking is made of unglazed tiles to prevent slick surfaces and improve pool area safety. The transition will be smooth if the same tile is used indoors and outdoors. You can get the tile in several distinct shapes and sizes to create a sophisticated aesthetic. Even customized tiles that imitate stones, marble, or wood are an option. 

The fastest and simplest material to install is this one. They can be installed on almost any existing surface, including bare ground, wood, and concrete. If you wish to increase the size of your current deck, self-adhesive tiles are frequently a fantastic option. An excellent method for remodeling your swimming pool deck.

The drawback of tiles is that they need to have more traction than the glass-like surface for them to be less slippery.


It makes sense that the earliest substance utilized by man for construction is still in use today. Stone is both beautiful and strong, and it is widely accessible. Stone's aesthetic appeal is its greatest benefit. Because it makes a strong statement, it's one of the materials utilized most frequently for pool decking. Furthermore, it is eternal.

There is no reason not to anticipate that the stones that end up on your pool deck will last for the full lifespan of your pool as they may have been around for millions of years. Additionally, you can alter the size and shape of the stones to design your deck's surface in elaborate patterns. Also, because stones have a naturally rough surface, even when wet, there is a lower risk of slipping. 

There is a small warning regarding stones right now. Although they can be found anywhere, not all kinds of stones can be found everywhere. You might need to have stone sent from a great distance if you want a specific type for your deck. The cost of the deck will increase significantly as a result of this. Additionally, you should match the existing stones if you need to fix the pool on your deck. If you were to use a unique stone, the cost would go up.

Overall, the stone will be the most expensive option, no matter what type you choose. But, you'll have a beautiful surface that lasts forever.

Enhance Your Pool Deck With Additional Decor 

Additional Landscape

The pool deck might not be sufficient to give your pool area a natural appearance. To frame your pool deck and soften the hardscape of concrete, utilize plants. To provide texture and visual appeal, use plants with various colors, leaves sparingly, and plants that flower. Your plants can also be utilized as a live privacy wall of grasses and vine-covered trellises, acting as a security fence. 

Use of lighting

To create a magical atmosphere in your garden, consider uplifting the architectural features. Along with adding a little extra fun, lights along the walkway and around the pool area increase safety.

Extend the size of your living area

Make the most of your backyard and pool deck by converting them into a living area. It would be nice to have an outside kitchen or a cozy spot with a piece of furniture and a table covered in an umbrella. It may become a new gathering spot for your family and a venue for family activities. 

Add seating and relaxing music

Everything You Need To Know About Pool Decking

Swimming is a relaxing and active activity. Isn't it soothing to sit back and unwind on a bench while all you can hear is the sound of the water splashing in the pool or the artificial waterfalls? A concrete seat wall or additional benches can be used to accommodate visitors to your pool area.


The decking significantly influences the appearance and safety of your pool. You can use as much creativity as possible because there are so many different materials at your disposal. 

Contact Willsha Pools immediately if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and want to learn more about pool decking. 

Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you whether you want to upgrade the decking around your current pool or want to install a brand-new pool. 

Your pool decking can be attractive, secure, and reasonably priced!

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