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Use ENDOFSEASONSALE at checkout to save $50 when you shop for $1,000 or more!*

Planning A Sailing Trip? Here's Everything You Will Need

A sailing trip is a perfect getaway for adventure seekers. However, away from shore, out in the sea for a few days, is not as easy as it sounds. Planning and preparation take days to embark on a safe and joyous voyage. The nature of the sea is often unpredictable. Thus, the sailors must prepare for all sorts of circumstances: safety equipment, gear, and tools before setting sail. Learn about them in this blog.


Ice Eater

Price: $1,026.00 - $1,337.00.

Key Features: Maximum performance in all climates, easy installation.

The fan-blade De-Icer is something you must possess if you sail during the winter. The sea water is often cold, and there's always a threat of ice forming around the boat, marinas, and piers.

De-Icer prevents ice from accumulating by melting the existing ice with the help of a continuous current of warm bottom water. The De-Icer's propeller pulls in warmer subsurface water and deflects it to the surface, creating a constant circulation of warm water. As a result, it prevents ice formation and melts the existing ice. Bearon P750 Ice Eater is a popular De-Icer type available for $1,026.00 - $1,337.00.


Inflatable boat seat

Price: $29.00.

Key Features: Waterproof, easy installation, storage pockets.

Sailing is not a one-day activity. People setting out on sailing often spend days at sea or lake. Like safety gear, sailors must also possess the equipment to ensure their comfort. For example, a waterproof seat cushion for maximum convenience. 

Waterproof seat cushions are easily installed by sliding them onto the bench. In addition, the Aleko waterproof inflatable boat seat comes with under seat bag and pockets to store food and water.


Replacement Valve

Price: $15.00.

Key Features: Double seal protection, compatible with inflatable boats, kayaks, and river rafts.

Most people prefer sailing on inflatable boats. Inflatable boats are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and suitable for most weather. However, they are prone to instability and damage in raging waters. Therefore, people sailing on inflatable boats must prepare for such situations and plan accordingly. We recommend starting by procuring replacement valves should a tempestuous position require it. Aleko's BTVALVE-AP replacement valve comes with a double seal leak protection and will help keep the boat inflated longer.


Storage And Carrying Bag

Price: $18.00.

Key Features: Tight seal, waterproof.

One cannot risk losing or damaging valuable items once in the waters. Protecting valuables like money, accessories, cell phones, and electronic devices from moisture and wetness is essential. We recommend the Sea Eagle 25 Liter Dry Bag. Use it to store valuables and clothes that might be useful during a long journey. The Sea Eagle 25 Liter Dry Bag includes a whistle and a unique fold-over clasp closure that provides a tight seal.


Repair Kit

Price: $10.00

Features: Easy to carry, comes with all the essential items.

Embarking on an inflatable boat has its challenges. Rafters and kayaks face trouble from wear and tear. While many such instances can be harmless, some wear and tear could be fatal. To avoid dangerous situations, we strongly suggest keeping a repair kit always. The Aleko Complete Essentials Repair Kit for inflatable boats can be your go-to repair refuge. It contains glue, a valve wrench, and PVC patches to mend your boat on the go.


Shock Cord Rope

Price: $14.40

Features: Adjustable, Strong

Setting sail on a kayak or a paddle boat is quite challenging. One cannot be at it continuously without being fatigued. Make sure you carry Sea Eagle 3' Black Loop Rope with you on your sailing trip. This adjustable shock cord rope is used to secure the paddle to the boat while you can rest and rejuvenate. Kayaks also use this rope to fasten their paddle while fishing or drifting through a clear stream. It can also be utilized to strap the boat to a car or a dock while camping or hiking.

Locking Swivel Seats

Price: $299.00

Features: Aluminium frame base, durable, easy to attach

It is always, the more, the merrier during a sailing trip. The swivel seat is an attachment that can add more room for people on your boat. It is easy to attach and is a perfect accessory to welcome your family and friends on board. You can opt for Sea Eagle Tandem Locking Swivel Seats if you want quality and easy attachments.


Kayak Trolleys

Price: $131.00

Features: Lightweight, foldable, sturdy

A sailing trip is beautiful not only because of the serene water but also because of the beautiful lands. Taking frequent breaks will also keep the travelers energized and fresh throughout the trip. However, you should not always can you leave your boat on the water as it may drift away. To avoid this, pack a kayak trolley along with other essentials. Also called a kayak cart, these trolleys will assist you in quickly loading your boat on and off the water. You can choose vidaXL Kayak Trolleys. They come with detachable inflated rubber wheels that can roll smoothly across rough surfaces like sand and gravel. It is also foldable.


Secure Strap

Price: $13.50 to $16.20

Features: Lightweight, Strong

A journey out in the sea or a lake won't always be smooth as the water is often wobbly. One of the most common mistakes made by sailing travelers is not securing their valuables enough. It is essential to fasten the baggage and larger items with a strap. You can use Sea Eagle 20' Easy Secure Strap. It is lightweight and has a stainless steel buckle that firmly locks the strap in position. There is also a 13' variant.


Swept Back Skeg

Price: $26.10

Features: Reflex technology

Having a swept-back skeg is essential if you have planned your journey over water with weed or unchartered territory. A swept-back skeg is helpful to prevent dragging weed along with your boat. Sea Eagle Slide in Swept Back Skeg is a popular choice and is designed to minimize yawing of the boat during paddling over water bodies with weed. It also comes with a reflex technology that assists with forwarding propulsion. Since the size of this skeg is only 7", you can also navigate shallow waters without worrying about damaging the skeg.


Slide in Skeg

Price: $26.10

Features: Durable, provides stability

An experienced sailing traveler would know the significance of a slide-in skeg. It is an accessory that will increase the hull's ability to track straight with a less side-to-side swing in open waters. It will also help keep your boat in a straight line during paddle strokes. Having an extra skeg is recommended as there are high chances of your skeg breaking due to strong currents. Sea Eagle Large Slide In Skeg is a good option.


Pressure Gauge

Price: $10.10

Features: Maximum accuracy

Most sailing travelers prefer to set out on kayaks or inflatable boats as they are easy to maneuver and challenging. Long journeys on inflatable boats, especially on water with strong currents, might require you to check and refill the air frequently. It cannot be done without a pressure gauge. A pressure gauge measures the psi (Pound-force per square inch) accurately. Check out Sea Eagle Pressure Gauge.


Electric Pump

Price: $35.10 - $161.10

Features: Lightweight, fast refilling

An electric pump is a must if you sail on an inflatable boat. You might notice gradual deflation of your boat or kayak as your journey progresses. This challenge can be tackled with the help of an electric pump. Electric pumps like Sea Eagle MB80 can inflate a boat within minutes. They are usually lightweight. There are many variants of electric pumps like Sea Eagle BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump, Sea Eagle BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump, and Sea Eagle BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump with Battery. You can choose the one that fits your requirement.


Pump Valve Adapter

Just a pump won't be enough to inflate your boat. You might also need a pump valve adapter compatible with your foot/electric pump. A valve adapter connects the boat to the pump. Check out the Aleko Inflatable Boat Pump Valve Adapter if you need a durable valve adapter.

Price: $5.00

Features: Durable, compatible with electric/foot pumps


  • Travel lighter
  • Carry only casual clothes
  • Avoid electronic devices as much as possible
  • Seal your valuables like money and cell phone in air-tight bags to protect them from the moisture, humid and strong sun
  • Carry suntan lotions
  • Always pack extra pairs of secure straps


The idea of a safe and joyous sailing trip depends upon your planning and preparation. An experienced sailor would not just be prepared for the start of the journey but also for what happens during it. Making sure you have all the essentials listed above should be well enough. Bon, voyage!

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