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The 10 Best Patio Awnings of 2022

The 10 Best Patio Awnings of 2022

With spring right around the corner, we are sure you are looking forward to a number of fun activities. Top on our list is lounging about our very own patios - tending to our brand new spring garden, hosting an afternoon tea party or even enjoying a few pages of our favorite lifestyle magazine. While all these activities sound lovely, a prerequisite to this is a functional outdoor space and we all know that a truly comfy patio needs the right awning. The weather of the months gone by might have left the structure a little worse for wear. In the spirit of spring, we suggest you replace your old dilapidated awning with one that is new and practical. We’ve done the legwork and saved you the trouble of picking the one for you. Here’s our lowdown on the best patio awnings for your every need.

Best Retractable Patio Awning 

Aleko Motorized Retractable Patio Awning 12x10 Gray & White Striped 

patio awning
In case you don’t like the idea of the awning being a permanent fixture on the patio, a retractable awning is the way to go. Convenience comes first with this smart awning that includes an electric motor that opens or closes the awning on demand within a minute. 
In case of an electricity outage, worry not because this retractable patio awning can be partially or fully retracted with a simple hand crank. Covering 105 square feet, your family and you can enjoy a great time uninterrupted by the elements. Speaking of the elements, the 100% polyester build offers the needed protection come rain come shine. 

You can also store your remote on the wall mounted port provided when not in use. The gray and white striped design seamlessly blends into any decor style and adds to the curb appeal. 

Best Half Cassette Style Patio Awning

Aleko Half Cassette Motorized Retractable LED Luxury Patio Awning - 12 x 10 Feet - Gray AWCL12X10GY80-AP

patio awnings
To ensure that your awning fabric is fully protected from the elements, it makes sense to invest in a half cassette style structure. The half cassette that sits atop the fabric roll significantly reduces the dirt and debris that gets collected on your awning. This in turn also improves the longevity of your patio awning. 
Thinking about bringing a half cassette awning home? You simply cannot go wrong with this Aleko patio awning. The modern dark gray color conceals any spoilage far more than common white frames. Since this awning is retractable, the color and durability of the fabric is preserved much longer than a traditional open frame. 
Covering over 105 square feet of coverage and made from 100% polyester, you can trust this patio awning to protect you from light showers and keep your home cool on a sultry day. Convenience is never compromised, so this awning can be retracted via an electric motor or a simple hand crank.

Best Fixed Patio Awning 

patio awning
Looking to add some timeless charm to your surroundings? Look no further than this old-school Charleston style patio awning. The aluminium framework featuring scrolled arms is reminiscent of the Georgian architecture prevalent throughout Charleston, Massachusetts peninsula.  

The sleek and simple body allows the classic stripes to really shine while the iron scroll arms reflect the more decorative design elements. This awning is not all about style however, the 100% woven in solution dyed acrylic anti-microbial yarns are great for weather endurance.

Since the fabric has been treated with UV and water resistant coatings, you don’t have to worry about color fading or mildew. So kick back and enjoy a leisurely spring day under this stunning patio awning. 

Best LED Patio Awning 

patio awning
For those of you who enjoy sitting out on your patio during the evenings, an LED fixture in your patio awning is non-negotiable. The retractable motor encases LED lights offering the needed illumination you need during sundown. LED lights are a great choice in lieu of traditional options because they are more heat efficient. 

The efficient dissipation system prolongs the durability of the lights. The LED lights also seamlessly attach to the motor and plug straight into an outlet, so you can easily control the brightness with the included remote. Switch between 3 different brightness levels as per your need with a click of a button. The remote control also allows you to control the awning. In a pinch, you can also use the hand crank.
You can retract the awning into the half cassette frame when not in use that preserves the color and durability much longer. You have 105 square feet of coverage so you and a loved one can sit back comfortably and enjoy a nice cuppa. The 100% polyester build effectively protects the area from the elements. 



Best Non-Motorized Retractable Patio Awning 

Aleko Retractable RV/Patio Awning 10 x 8 Blue Striped 

patio awning
If you want to take to the great outdoors and enjoy the great weather this season then this retractable RV/patio awning is right for you. This versatile retractable awning is designed to fit your RV and camper as you road trip across the country.

Constructed using durable 100% PVC, this awning is designed to provide lasting protection from the sun and rain no matter where you want to have a lively patio setting. The specialized fabric is resistant to UV radiation, water, mildew, stains and fading so your road trip can go on as long as you want. 
Convenience at the forefront with this patio awning,  so it can be opened and closed in less than one minute with a simple pull of the strap. Though primarily built for your RV or camper, this awning is perfectly at home at your front or backyard patio. 

Best Small Retractable Patio Awning 

Aleko Retractable Patio Awning 6.5 x 5 Feet Burgundy 

patio awnings
When you’re trying to decorate a small space, your options can be limited when it comes to outfitting your patio. With this retractable patio awning, you have just the small space solution you need. Covering a small area, this patio awning is ideal for your smaller patio when you just want to enjoy a cuppa by yourself.
Crafted from 100% polyester, this awning is ideal to protect your home from sun damage or light rain. When it's not hot, simply use the hand crank to partially or fully retract the awning within a minute. The stunning burgundy color is an especially addition to the decor. 

Best Large Patio Awning 

Aleko Motorized Retractable Patio Awning 20x10 Feet Gray

patio awning
When you choose to bring home a patio awning, sometimes a large area can still remain unprotected. This retractable patio awning will effortlessly solve your space woes. Offering up to 184 square feet of coverage, your space and the furniture will be amply protected from inclement weather. 
This patio awning is motorized, so you can open and close it smoothly within a minute. For economical purposes or when the electricity is out, you can use a simple hand crank to manually retract the awning. 
The 100% polyester build is ideal to protect you from light showers or tiring sunlight all the while. The gray hue is subtle and works well with any decor. 

Best Mid-Size Patio Awning 

Aleko Half Cassette LED Patio Awning 13x10 - Blue and White Stripes

patio awning
For shade that is just right, look no further than this LED patio awning. Covering a space of 119 square foot, this awning is an ideal choice to protect you from the searing heat or the pouring rain. The half cassette frame also effectively protects the fabric itself from dirt and debris for reliable longevity. 
This patio awning offers the penultimate convenience since it comes with LED lights that offer the needed illumination when you’re enjoying an evening in the dark. The lighting is practically designed to dissipate heat for a stable and durable performance. The LED lights seamlessly attach to the motor and plug straight into an outlet. You can also switch between the three light settings to suit your environment.
For further convenience, this patio awning is also motorized, so you can open and close it with a one-click remote control. In case of no electricity, this patio awning also features a simple hand crank that you can use to expand, retract or stop the coverage. 

Best RV/Camper Patio Awning 

Aleko Motorized Retractable RV Awning 10 x 8 Feet Burgundy Fade

patio awning
The great outdoors await you and if you want to make best use of the great weather, there’s nothing quite like firing up the old RV. To truly enjoy your scenic surroundings, we however suggest investing in a trusty patio awning that you can hitch to your camper. 
This particular RV awning scores high on convenience with a built-in motor that will open and close the awning in less than a minute. Simply push the button of your remote control when you want to stop the awning. You can also use the hand crank when you want to save on electricity. 
The durable 100% PVC offers excellent protection from the sun and rain. Since the fabric is specially treated it is resistant to UV radiation, water, mildew, stains and fading. The burgundy fade is simply elegant and is sure to brighten up the surroundings no matter where you are. 

Best Sloping Patio Awning 

If you’re tired of the usual patio awning designs, this beautiful structure is sure to impress you and your guests. The sloping style in the understated black is a seamless fit in residential and commercial spaces. You can also choose between 5 different valance styles including Sahara, seashore, nautica, straight and no valance.

Beauty is not however the only thing on offer, the sturdy full aluminum frame has been engineered and tested to withstand high winds and snow loads. The 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric is also equally durable and will weather the tough conditions. What’s more? This elegant stationary patio awning is just so easy to put together. 
When it comes to making your outdoors more enjoyable, an awning makes for an ideal companion to your patio. If you’re looking to revamp your outdoor space, add an awning and get to relishing all that your external environment has to offer. We have rounded up the best in patio awnings for your every need to make the decision that much easier. 
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