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The 6 Best Dog Kennels Of 2022

The 6 Best Dog Kennels Of 2022

Dog kennels, also called dog crates, are great for keeping your dog safe, secured, and comfortable. Whether you’re travelling with your dog, heading to a veterinarian or simply using it as a resting space to curl up at home, the best dog kennel can offer a positive and personal space to your favourite pup. They come in many different sizes to fit all small and large breeds. Some kennels come with adjustable dividers that allow you to make the size smaller for your pups and larger as they grow. 

Moreover, dog kennels can be made of various materials, such as plastic, wire, canvas, and many more. While some dog kennels fold or collapse quite easily and are best suitable for travel and storage, others are solid. Some dog kennels have even been certified for aeroplane travel if you wish to fly across with your dog. Here are some of the best dog kennels of 2022 for keeping your dog safe and comfortable.

VidaXL portable pet bag

The 6 Best Dog Kennels Of 2022

VidaXL’s portable pet bag is perfect for carrying small to medium-sized dogs. It includes an upper zippered door, mesh windows on the sides, shoulder straps, and is made of polyester fabric. If you enjoy taking your four-legged buddy on vacations with you, this portable pet bag is ideal. You can easily carry your dog in this portable pet bag while travelling in the car and during the flight. It is well-ventilated and boasts 5 storage pockets for carrying treats and toys.

VidaXL dog playpen

The 6 Best Dog Kennels Of 2022

Another best dog kennel is the lightweight and fully collapsible VidaXL’s portable playpen. It is made of a high-quality steel frame. Since it is fully collapsible, it can be stored and moved whenever needed without any hassle. Especially when you’re travelling with your dog in a car, you can easily fold and store it in your car trunk. For extra comfort, you can place a cushion or blanket inside the playpen so that your dog can relax and sleep when tired. It provides plenty of exercise space and good ventilation for your pet. Some foldable dog playpen kennels come with two doors, one at the front and one on the backside.

DIY chain link dog kennel

The 6 Best Dog Kennels Of 2022

The DIY chain link dog kennel is perfect as an outdoor kennel. It is made of rust-resistant galvanised steel. The kennel is open from the top with chain-link walls on the sides, ensuring your furry friend enjoys sunshine and fresh air circulation. Plus, they can be transported easily and require a few simple hand tools for setting up. Another practical benefit includes cleaning. DIY chain link dog kennels are incredibly easy to clean. Besides, their chain frame structure is collapsible, making them easy to store and travel.

VidaXL heavy-duty outdoor kennel

The 6 Best Dog Kennels Of 2022

For big breed dogs, sturdy build VidaXL heavy-duty outdoor kennels are a perfect fit. This kennel features a hinged door and has a lockable latch system which guarantees extra security to your furry friend. It is constructed of steel bar walls and is stronger than heavy-duty aluminium kennels. However, both are durable enough to accommodate strong dogs. They’re also the best option for dogs with separation anxiety or chewing habits and trying to escape from the cage.

VidaXL dog cage solid pine and fir wood

The 6 Best Dog Kennels Of 2022

If you're looking for a dog kennel that will blend in well with your house's decor, go for VidaXL’s dog cage solid pine and fir wood. It more or less looks like any other furniture item in the house. Unlike plastic and wire kennels, it is the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your house. Generally, wooden dog kennels have multiple advantages. One of them is they can also double as side tables and bed stands.

VidaXL’s wooden dog cage is weather-resistant and can be used as an outdoor dog kennel too. However, it is difficult to clean compared to other kennels.

VidaXL outdoor dog kennel with roof

The 6 Best Dog Kennels Of 2022

VidaXL’s outdoor dog kennel with roof is the best choice to keep your dog safe and protected in their kennel. It offers plenty of space to play and train in, as well as a comfortable and soothing environment for resting or sleeping. Dog kennels with a roof can be a little expensive but the most valuable investment for your dog’s well-being. 

What to look for when buying the dog kennel


First and foremost, consider the size of your dog's kennel. Your dog should be able to stand, stretch, turn around, and lay down comfortably without feeling caught up in the kennel. Since dogs prefer kennels that resemble a den, make sure the kennel isn't too big for your dog's size. Ideally, the size of the kennel shouldn’t be too big or too small for your dog.

It is best to refer to the kennel size chart if available while buying it. A divider kennel is the most recommended for dogs since you can change the size of this type of kennel as your dog grows.


Some of the popular dog kennel styles are plastic, wire, wooden, and portable fabric material bags. Portable dog kennels are easy to carry and store. They’re the best dog kennels for small or lightweight dogs. Likewise, wire-style dog kennels provide good ventilation and visibility. They’re easy to clean, maintain, carry, and store. Another popular kennel style is soft-sided dog kennels. These kennels are made of soft fabric and generally have mesh sides and top, allowing for decent airflow and more privacy than wire dog kennels. Again, this style is ideal for small-to-medium-sized breeds. Lastly, wooden dog kennels are aesthetically pleasing but a little more difficult to clean than wire and plastic kennels. They’re great for all sizes of dogs and can also double as a home decor item.


When buying a dog kennel, it is of utmost importance to consider your dog's safety. Depending on your dog’s temperament and life stage, you can determine which kennel would be safe for your dog. For instance, a wooden kennel may be unsuitable for puppies or dogs with chewing habits.

In addition, it’s important to check the structure of your dog's kennels thoroughly. It should be sturdy and durable and not tip over or let your dog easily run away. You should go for a strong and heavy metal option rather than a soft-sided kennel for strong dogs. This will prevent potential injuries. Likewise, avoid wire kennels for pups as their paws may get caught in the wire, or their small bodies may escape the kennel entirely. Although plastic kennels often provide fewer safety risks, you should still ensure the material is chew-resistant and free of any removable parts that could be ingested or swallowed.


Pick a portable kennel if you’re someone who travels with your dog everywhere. Most plastic kennels are hard to fold but generally come in portable sizes and are lightweight to carry. Similarly, although heavy, wire kennels are often foldable and collapsible, making them a portable option for storage and travel. Soft-sided kennels are another amazing portable transit option as they’re both lighter and foldable.


The dog kennel you select must be authorized for air travel. For instance, if you intend to travel and want your dog to fly in the aircraft's cargo hold, choose the dog kennel that is authorised for air travel and satisfies the airline requirements. Having said that, you should always check with the store if your dog's kennel would work for different airlines before purchasing.


The best dog kennel is completely determined by your dog's size, shape, and your lifestyle. A dog owner wishing to travel with their dog will have different needs than the one wanting to train the dog at home. So, before you make a choice, take a look at these top 6 dog kennels of 2022 for your dog.

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