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Outdoor Bounce Houses

The Best Outdoor Bounce Houses and How to Assemble Them

One of the most spectacular ways to spend quality time with your family and kids is to have a dynamic bounce house! Whether you celebrate your birthday or some special occasion at home, these bounce houses are inflated with fun. Especially if it's your kid's birthday party, the bounce houses are a magnificent way to take your little one's friends into a fairyland with swings, see-saws, balloons, and whatnot!

Your kids will never get bored with all the different activities these bounce houses offer, nor will you be tired of seeing them playing cheerfully. Finding the right bounce house that suits your needs and budget can be tricky and challenging. So we've compiled the best outdoor bounce houses you can opt for.

Even if you do not know how to assemble them, there is no need to panic! This guide will also inform you on how to create them seamlessly. So, let's read on to find out more!

Five Best Bounce Houses for Your Kids

When it comes to giving your kids hours of fun, there are some impeccable bounce houses you can choose. However, we can understand how much trouble you might need to face in selecting the best option for your child. So to help you make a perfect choice, we've put together a list of 5 excellent bounce houses for kids:

Aleko Inflatable Playtime Bounce House with Pool and Slide

Aleko's Bounce House with pool and slide is a great way to keep children entertained. The large open area provides plenty of space and allows you the opportunity to jump, splash around, or even take a swim.

The semi-arched shape provides a unique ground that will keep your little one more occupied than the traditional bounce house while encouraging physical development through a great form of exercise. All thanks to brightly colored interior walls, these also promote interaction between kids on both sides of this inflatable structure.

Aleko Inflatable Playtime Bounce House with Pool and Slide

This bouncer comes equipped with 4 bouncer stakes, which provide stability so everyone can have fun without fear of falling off. Suitable for kids aged three and more, it's an ideal choice when your kids and their friends are tired of school activities! In addition, it is highly portable as you can easily transport it outdoors and indoors.

Aleko Commercial Grade Inflatable Dual Water Slide Bounce House with Splash Pool and Blower

What's better than two water slides? That is exactly what you will find with this bounce house comprising two different slides set up in an enclosed area so that kids of all ages can play their own exciting games. It's great for both commercial and residential use.

Just place it on your lawn with fun features like two colorful slides with protective walls so your little ones can jump without getting hurt. This product can accommodate six children at once or 800 pounds in total.

Aleko Commercial Grade Inflatable Dual Water Slide Bounce House with Splash Pool and Blower

It has everything necessary required in a potent bounce house. It includes six bouncer stakes that secure it securely on earth; pre-installed water hoses equipped with three nozzles; a UL-approved 680-watt air blower meant for these activities. These elements will keep kids happy while they're outside exploring new things all day long.

Aleko Inflatable Playtime 6-In-1 Bounce House with Slide, Splash Pool, and Ball Pit

The Aleko 6-In1 Castle Bouncer is an excellent way to ensure your children stay active, have fun, and make memories. This colorful bouncing castle features climbing walls, an interactive ball pit, and a pool with a water spraying station/slide combo perfect for jumping around or playing games.

The open roof allows plenty of airflows while providing shade from direct sunlight, so your little one can play outside all day long without getting tanned. This portable bounce house is the perfect way to entertain your kids and their friends at their next party or after-school activity.

Aleko Inflatable Playtime 6-In-1 Bounce House with Slide, Splash Pool, and Ball Pit

This bounce house is created and depicted by the beautiful shape of the castle that looks intriguing to kids. Additionally, your child will love the variety of spaces to explore in this bounce house! The 6 stakes with the purchase will keep it stable alongside additional security. A pack containing all necessary accessories comes included in its purchase as well.

Aleko Commercial Grade Inflatable Fun Slide Bounce House with Ball Pit and Blower

With six stakes installed into the ground easily, it's perfect for accommodating up to 300 pounds.

Your little ones can jump around for hours on this fantastic bounce house. The colorful design is also excellently presented in the bounce house.

Aleko Commercial Grade Inflatable Fun Slide Bounce House with Ball Pit and Blower

The large pillars surrounding this beautiful open-ceilinged shelter create safety by ensuring plenty of space in-between to avoid accidents while kids are playing inside.

Aleko Inflatable Playtime 4-In-1 Bounce House with Basketball Rim, Soccer Arena, Volleyball Net

With a basketball hoop, volleyball net, jumping soccer surface, and an inflatable ball for playing on all-around reinforced side walls, the Aleko Playtime 4-In-1 bounce house ensures safety for your kid.

The Aleko's 4-in-1 Sports-Inspired Bounce House is the perfect way to keep children happy, energetic, and active as it maximizes your kids' playtime.

The exciting bounce house is featured, with plenty of space to show your kids how to adventure. The durable fabric sides offer protection during playtime and allow water passage when air-filled, making this indoor/outdoor perfect option all year-round.

Aleko Inflatable Playtime 4-In-1 Bounce House with Basketball Rim, Soccer Arena, Volleyball Net, and Slide

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Step-By-Step Instructions to Set up a Bounce House

We want our kids to enjoy to the fullest whenever they are with their friends, whether it is their birthday or other occasions. The bounce house can be one way for children of all groups to get excited about the adventure!

It takes up to 30 minutes to set up a bounce house. However, setting it up can be seamless and quick; once completed, it can be a real adventure for your children.

If you are assembling the bounce house for the first time, it can be a little challenging and might take a little longer. But, eventually, with time, you will be able to memorize the steps and set them up much faster.

Follow these basic, simple steps to set up your bounce house.

  • Set out all materials needed.
  • Find a suitable spot that is free from any rocks or stones. You'll need to ensure the bounce house will fit in the designated area without any obstacles.
  • Inflate the bounce house with the help of an air blower machine. This might take some minutes.
  • When fully inflated, tie the inflation port with the help of the provided cord. And the bounce house is ready to play!

Things to Consider While Setting the Bounce House

  1. Injured jumpers were found in incidents where strong winds had lifted them away. You will have to consider the weather conditions on the day of the event when you are trying to set it up. Check the weather forecast before you plan on setting up your bounce house! It's recommended that no one use a bounce house if it's windy or even if heavy showers or lightning occur. The perfect day for playing in the bounce house is sunny when the weather is clear with calm winds and clear skies.
  1. To ensure your kids' safety, taking certain precautions when setting up a bounce house is essential. It's imperative to choose a grassy area to avoid any injuries. Make sure there are no obstacles up to 10 feet. Then lay down some matting paper after you finish building it up and let the kids start playing in the bounce house. An ideal location for this activity should offer plenty of room so all the kids can enjoy themselves without hitting each other or having anything that obstructs their vision, such as tree branches overhead.
  1. When setting up your bounce house, use a tarp under it so that any dirt or grass does not get into the seams. The best way to inflate this thing is by pumping air into one end until it's complete, then letting out some trapped gases while spinning the opposite side upwards. You can get Heavy Duty Tarps for easy setup from online stores and dispose of them later if needed.
  2. Make sure you close up all the ports on your bounce house. Some have inlets for outlets, and others have outflow, so be careful which ones are used by a blower or fan! If it's not apparent, the best way to avoid confusion is to mark them with tape to identify which gets tied off first (inlet). When done playing around, connect those two pieces at their respective ends until the bounce house is used the next time.
  3. Inflating your new bounce house is easy, but some precautions must be taken. Just make sure you don't let anyone jump in too soon, or else they might get injured because there isn't enough air pressure to accommodate their weight.
  4. Anchoring can be seen as the final and one of the most vital steps when setting up a jump house. This process ensures that your guest's kids' can get down safely. If it's not adequately secured, it could lead to an incident/accident.

Wrapping Up

If you want to enjoy having a great time with your kids, and family this summer, look no further than our list of the best outdoor bounce houses.

Safety is the most crucial aspect every parent must pay heed to while their children play in the bounce house. Following all the safety guidelines we have listed will enhance your kids' safety while they are bouncing around!

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