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The Comprehensive List of Our Favorite Home Saunas

The Comprehensive List of Our Favorite Home Saunas

While saunas have long been limited to gyms and health clubs, the benefits they offer are simply undeniable. Whether you want a reset after a truly rigorous workout or simply want to indulge in some good old steam therapy, there is nothing that says luxury like your personal sauna. Health is of paramount importance especially in the time of COVID and sweating out your toxins has been proven to provide many physical and mental health benefits. In case you’re thinking of bringing home some zen goodness, we have rounded up our favorites from our catalog, so you can decide on the one for you. 

Best Barrel Style Home Sauna 

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Designed for true seekers of relaxation, this rustic barrel sauna offers all the enjoyment of a traditional sauna in the comfort of your own home and at an accessible price point. Constructed using cedar wood, the interior space is completely utilitarian and cuts down on excess cubic feet for quick and efficient heating.

You don’t have to worry about wood spoilage since the whole sauna rests on two weather resistant support cradles that provide a solid foundation. The bitumen shingle roofing is specifically designed to protect your sauna from exposure to the elements. The included shingle shields the cedar wood from rain and UV radiation, mitigating any potential damage and greatly increases the life of your investment.

You can make full use of the front porch canopy, since the opposing benches that run the full length of the room can comfortably house up to 4. The tempered glass door not only keeps the environment peaceful but keeps temperature shifts to a minimum. The most appealing factor of this sauna is that the uniquely designed glass dome wall gives you an open view of your surroundings. The electric heater with heated rocks boost the calming atmosphere further. 

Best Indoor Home Sauna 

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Indulge in true tranquility with this wet dry sauna in your home. Crafted out of hemlock wood, this personal spa is one for the ages, since the wood is more resistant to shrinkage, splitting, and cracking. For true restorative comfort, the structure is also non-allergenic, non-toxic, and has little to no wood aroma. 

To set the atmosphere, the entire area is lit by LED lights that enhance the ambience of your steaming session, which can be easily controlled via the provided remote. The tempered glass entrance door comes with a beautiful wooden handle for a completely un-phased environment. Set the heat to an exact with the simple-to-operate LED screen panel. You can even customize the shut-off time between 1 to 90 mins for a safer sauna experience. 

Installation is as easy as it can be with everything you need included. The kit is complete with a 6kW heater and stones, a touch screen control panel, lamps, hygrothermograph, a tempered glass door with a wooden handle, and a wooden bucket and scoop. So forget your worries and get to detoxing. 

Best Outdoor Home Sauna 

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For those of you who enjoy connecting with your external environment while you indulge in some steam therapy - you are sure to love this outdoor sauna pod. The old school cedar wood construction offers all the interior space you need while providing an optimal heating experience. To keep the heat uninterrupted, this sauna pod features a tempered glass door with a beautiful wooden handle. 

You and your company can take a seat on the two interior benches or the two exterior benches to comfortably reduce stress and anxiety. For longevity, the weather resistant support cradles and bitumen shingle roofing offers excellent protection from unfavorable conditions including rain and UV radiation.

Powered by an electric heater with heated rocks, you have the complete serene experience of a professional spa with homely comfort. You can use the included bucket and scoop to pour water over the hot stones and boost atmospheric temperature and humidity. Further you have all the convenience you need with a simple-to-operate LED screen panel. So welcome home rejuvenation today. 

Best Indoor/Outdoor Home Sauna 

best sauna garage department

Give those sore muscles some time to relax with this versatile sauna. Whether you prefer to steam away your worries in the comfort of your interiors or want to stay connected to your outdoors, this sauna has you covered. The delightful design comes fully equipped with a tempered glass door to keep the heat in and enough room to house your entire party of six. 

You have all the accessories you need for a truly refreshing experience. The 6kW heater and stones with a wooden bucket and scoop add to the atmosphere of whimsy. You can use the touch screen control panel to control the lamps, the heat and the hygrothermograph. 

Installation is easier than ever and makes for the perfect complement in any of your living spaces. You can place it under the eaves on your deck or place it inside your home to transform any room into a luxurious personal spa. The Canadian hemlock used is stunning in all its verdant glory and is sure to enhance your decor no matter where it is placed.

Best Small Home Sauna 

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This is a problem familiar to many of us, while we want to improve our health and soak up the advantages a sauna has to offer but we simply don’t have the space. With this infrared small dry sauna, these woes are solved. Perfect for just two, this indoor sauna is a great fit even in tight spaces. 

The pleasing design makes use of Canadian hemlock for long lasting comfort. The design is not only stylish but functional, providing maximum usable space while minimizing excess cubic feet and heating up the area quickly and efficiently. The tempered glass door is not just elegant but contributes to the serene atmosphere without altering the set heat.

Use the soft touch control to change the settings of the 8 carbon panels, the infrared heaters or the oxygen ionizer. For added convenience, this sauna also comes with a CD player and reading lamps, so you can truly kick back with your favorite things. Place this anywhere under your roof - the front porch or the back deck and get to relieving tension. 

Best Large Home Sauna 

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You can love the companionship of a health club but want it at a more accessible price point or in the comfort of your own home, then this wet dry sauna is a true solution. This luxurious sauna is built using Canadian cedar wood and spacious enough with two comfy benches to accommodate your entire party of ten. The entire interior is utilized so no cubic feet is wasted and the air can heat up faster than common designs. 

While some assembly is required, it is not as difficult and should take little to no time. Fully equipped with a 9kW heater, a heater guard, a lamp, a lamp shade, two handles, you have everything you need for the complete spa experience indoors. 

Apart from the attractive wooden construction, the tempered glass doors are stylish as they are smart, as they contribute to the idyllic space and keep the temperature even and unchanged. You can place this outdoor/indoor sauna anywhere under the leaves on your deck or inside any room in your house. 

Best Portable Personal Sauna 

best sauna garage department

Who could say no to getting all the rejuvenation of a spa in under 10 minutes and anywhere you are? Not us, which is why we suggest this efficient portable sauna. To start with, nothing beats the convenience the small size and the foldable design offers. With a portable sauna, you don’t really have to worry about installation, carry this on your vacation or business trip. 

Small enough that it is easy to fit into your apartments or condo units, joint relief and reduced fatigue is well within reach. The far infrared or FIR technology generates heat by using a specific wavelength of light that actually penetrates very deeply so your skin tone can really bask in the benefits on offer. 

The power input of 1000W allows this sauna to heat up between 113-140 F (45-60 C) within 5 minutes, and has a timer that can go from 5 to 60 minutes for unperturbed enjoyment. The auto temperature control keeps it safe and you can simply use the zipper to walk in or out and another for extending your hands. So step in after a long day for maximum relaxation. 

When it comes to purchasing your first personal sauna, there are a few things you need to be sure of before you invest in the idea. Here a few things to be mindful of:

  • Size

Now nothing is primarily more of a concern than size when it comes to getting a sauna home. Given that our modern abodes often have little empty space, it is important to take your measurements and make your calculations beforehand. For a smaller apartment style setting we suggest going with a collapsible portable sauna that you can put away at the end of the day. However, if you have the room for it we suggest you invest in a larger piece and create your very own sauna room. 

  • Materials

Consider the materials you want in your home. These decadent personal spas often come with a heavy maintenance demand, so it is wiser to invest in something more durable like Canadian hemlock or cedar that is robust enough to weather inclement conditions. Further if you are going for a larger style in an outdoor space, we would definitely suggest splurging on bitumen roof shingling that offers added protection from UV radiation. 
  • Heating Method

The heating method is the most vital component when it comes to weighing the value for money factor. The most common ones on offer are traditional steam and low EMF far infrared heating and each style has their own pros and cons. Since bringing home a sauna essentially means the commencement of a new health regimen, it is ideal to check with a health professional beforehand to understand what EMF levels are safe and how much time you can spend in the sauna especially if you have a pre-existing condition like hypertension. 

A home sauna is a big purchase and there are a number of things to take into consideration before you make the call. We hope our comprehensive rundown of all things sauna helps you get sweating in no time. 
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