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The Guide to Building Your Very Own Fence From Scratch and the Best DIY Kits

The Guide to Building Your Very Own Fence From Scratch and the Best DIY Kits

Home decor experts have long vouched for the impressive curb appeal of a fence that surrounds your external space. We however find that it also enhances the privacy and security of your surroundings. Professional installations can however get pricey and personalizing it to your liking can become a little difficult.  We suggest picking up your very own DIY fence and getting down to business yourself. While that might seem like quite the challenge, we have just the tips and tricks that’ll make planning, designing and building your own fence a real breeze. 

Step 1: Plan On What You Want

The key to installing the perfect fence starts with knowing what you want. You need to be sure of your building codes and your property perimeters. There might be many fence restrictions on height and location within your residential area, so it makes sense to check on these before you install the fence. 

Assess what your exact needs are and what kind of material will work best with the seasonal conditions you live in. You also need to understand what kind of utilitarian function it will primarily serve - do you need it to ward off intruders, keep your pet in or block out the noise. Each of these concerns will require a different kind of fence in place. So understand what you need before you make the purchase.

Step 2: Take Your Measurements 

Before you set about installing your fence, you need to know the accurate boundaries of the space you are working with. You should start by measuring both the parallel and perpendicular lines that make up your space. Make sure to leave sufficient room where these lines meet. We suggest leaving at least five feet in between so you don’t have to work with tight corners.

Most available DIY fence kits have the spaces between the posts predefined and ready to go. However if you love a good project and are working with pickets in particular, we suggest using a string line to measure the space between the posts and leaving at least 3 feet in between.

Step 3: Install the Fence 

While fences might have been ridiculously hard to put together in the past, most available models today are preset to make things as easy as possible. However, sometimes you do have to go through the trouble of procuring a two-person auger or a post hole digger to dig the holes for the posts. Make sure they are as wide as they are deep.

Once you have placed the posts accurately, you will have to use a suitable sealant or a concrete mix to secure the position of the posts. Remember that this may take several days and it is best to follow the manufacturer instructions to the T. 

Step 4: Consider Accessorizing

Once the fence is in place, you might want to cover the unsightly concrete with a bed of sand or dirt. We suggest going a step further and adding some flora to the scene. 

You might also want to create a charming entrance in line with your current design or paint the fence a whole new color. All of these are great ideas, we however strongly advise informing your neighbors before you start the installation activities so as to be mindful of their peace and quiet.


Now that you know how to install a fence, it might be time to start thinking of what DIY kit will best serve your needs. We have rounded up our favorites to make the job that much easier for you. 

aleko fence garage department

Gorgeously designed, this stunning ornamental fence is for those who want to add a touch of finesse to their surroundings. The St.Petersburg style is truly one of a kind and features everything you need to put together the perfect fence. 

The wrought iron construction is as sturdy as it comes. Powder coated and galvanized for maximum protection from the elements. The kit includes a fence panel, four brackets and a post for hassle-free assembly. You can also use this panel fence with other accessories in the St.Petersburg line like a driveway gate and pedestrian gate to amp up the charm.

Aleko DIY Steel Iron Wrought High Quality Ornamental Fence Prague Style 5.5x5 Feet

aleko fence garage department

This chic Prague style ornamental fence is just what you need to spruce up your yard. This fence is high style on an affordable price point. The duplex system used with powder coating and galvanizing makes sure the fence looks good for years to come 

The welded wrought iron construction assures years of maintenance free use. You can put together the elegant structure since the kit comes with a fence panel, a post and four brackets. This fence is a beautiful match with the driveway and pedestrian gates from the same line for a truly beautiful yard. 

Aleko DIY Steel Fence Panel Kit Athens Style 5x5 Feet

aleko fence garage department

Looking for something that is sure to enhance your front yard? You simply cannot go wrong with this Athens style fence. Designed traditionally, this steel fence is reminiscent of the classic designs you grew up with. You will love its timeless finesse which is available at a relatively inexpensive price point.

You don’t have to worry about weather damage, thanks to the durable steel construction. The panels have also been finished with powder coating to prevent cracking, rusting or peeling. The included posts, side tubes, horizontal tubes, picket tubes and hardware make assembly as effortless as can be. 

Aleko DIY Steel Iron Wrought High Quality Ornamental Fence Rome Style 8 x 4 Feet

aleko fence garage department

Capture the vintage glamor of wrought iron gates at a much more affordable price point. The distinctive look is achieved through a process of hand forging. This process also renders the  product thicker and heavier than most gates on the market for excellent weather resistance. 

The ancient method of heating, b-ending, shaping and twisting into the desired shape makes it strong enough to resist hurricanes and other elements. Further the proven duplex system of galvanizing and powder coating makes it truly durable. Included with the panel are four brackets and a post for easy assembly.

Aleko DIY Steel Iron Wrought High Quality Fence Lyon Style 8x5 Feet 

aleko fence garage department

If you’re looking to achieve that classic look at a more affordable price point, then this Lyon style fence is just for you. This yard accessory is traditional charm at its finest thanks to the meticulous hand forging. This creates a thicker and heavier product that can truly weather the elements. 

The ancient method used heats, b-ends, shapes and twists it into the desired shape making it strong enough to resist most inclement weather conditions including hurricanes. The proven duplex system of galvanization and powder coating further enhances durability. You have everything you need with the panel to put this together which are a post and four brackets. 

Aleko DIY Steel Iron Wrought High Quality Fence Nice Style 8x5 Feet

aleko fence garage department

Elegance finds a new name in this Nice Style fence. The hand forged design is truly sturdy and capable of weathering most inclement conditions with little to no maintenance. The wrought iron construction is even hurricane rated for your peace of mind.

Since it goes through a process of heating, b-ending, shaping and twisting into the desired shape, it can resist the toughest climatic conditions. The duplex system that involves galvanizing and powder coating resists rust, corrosion, peeling, chipping and cracking. The included panel, four brackets and a post makes assembly a real breeze.

Aleko DIY Steel Iron Wrought High Quality Ornamental Fence Paris Style 5.5x5 Feet

aleko fence garage department

Looking for a quality fencing option without the high price point? This DIY fence kit is designed for you. This impeccable fence is created in the Paris style and captures the classic look while offering excellent durability. 

You can leave your worries about cracking, peeling and rusting beyond the fence thanks to the dual strengthening process of galvanizing and powder coating. Compatible with pedestrian and driveway gates from the Paris style line, you can begin to beautify your space without a second thought. 

Aleko DIY Steel Iron Wrought High Quality Ornamental Fence London Style 5.5 x 5 Ft

aleko fence garage department

This ornamental fence kit is the perfect combination of style and sturdiness. Designed in the refined London style, you are sure to fall in love with its classic arches and pointed ends. Stunningly simple, this fence maintains the look for years to come with a comprehensive duplex strengthening system. 

Powder coating is applied onto galvanized steel for unmatched toughness and exceptional corrosion resistance. The strong welded construction is not only durable but easy to put together with the included post and brackets.

Aleko DIY Steel Iron Wrought High Quality Ornamental Fence Munich Style 5.5 x 5 Ft

aleko fence garage department

Uplift the appearance of your front yard with this graceful take on modern fences. Beauty is however not the only thing on offer with this Munich style fence. As a structure that goes through the exhaustive process of powder coating and galvanizing, it holds its own against harsh weather and natural corrosion. 

You can also pair this fence with pedestrian and driveway gates from the same line and make it a complete piece. As a bonus, you can put this ornamental fence which comes separately as a  panel, post and brackets together in no time. 

Aleko DIY Steel Iron Wrought High Quality Ornamental Fence Dublin Style 5.5 x 5 Ft

aleko fence garage department

Enhance the security and privacy of your property with this elegant ornamental fence. Stylishly crafted from wrought iron, the structure is also galvanized and powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion from playing spoilsport. 

You can use the included post, panel and bracket to create a beautiful fence all by itself. You can however also choose to pair it with pedestrian or driveway gates from the Dublin style line to create a more complete border for your exterior space.

A fence isn’t simply a decorative element for your yard, it can serve many functional purposes as long as you make a wise choice. Know that there are a few things like municipal codes, property boundaries and residential restrictions that you have to keep in mind before you take on this massive task. Our comprehensive guide and our list of the best in DIY fence kits should however make the job much easier once you have. 

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