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The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Greenhouses

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Greenhouses

For the proverbial green thumb, installing a greenhouse in your surroundings is a no brainer. These simple structures are great for sowing your seeds, tending to your delicate plants and housing those tricky overwintering crops. You can grow pretty much anything you want in these reliable little hothouses. When it comes to greenhouses however, there are one too many options on the market and too much advice on how to install it in your space. Luckily we have put together an easy instructional for you DIY plant lovers, so you can get the perfect greenhouse for you.

Step 1: Get Rid of All Things Old 

When it comes to revamping, the rules of good decor apply - the outdated simply must go. Start by tearing down any old structures that you already have. You can always choose to grab a sledge hammer and a pair of gloves and get down to business yourself but we say that it is wiser to hire a professional to do a thorough job. 

Step 2: Get Clean and Even 

Clear out any of the remaining debris and ensure you have a clean space to work with. Once you’ve ensured the space is free of anything that might halt your progress, you can start with leveling the ground. The surface needs to be even and you must check if it's flat with a spirit level and then start on laying the foundational support. 

Step 3: Get Your Measurements  

Once you have decided on the space, ensure you take accurate measurements. This will help guide you on what the size of your next purchase should be. While a frame does say 6’ x 8’, it is often bigger and takes up more space, so make sure you have some extra room. Now you can plan how to place the frame that you have and how to make space for any accessories you need like a solar powered light or a circulation fan. 

Step 4: Get Your Frame in Place

Now that it is time to start building your greenhouse, it is important that you know where to start. A good place to begin is the roof and it's a good idea to put all the clips and bolts into separate posts before you start. Lay out the individual pieces and get to assembling the structure section by section and then fasten it together. Know that when you add the glass some adjustments might be required. Decide on where you want to place the door before you start on the glass.

Step 5: Get to the Windows

This might be the most tricky thing so be careful, you need to plan out how you are going to position the panes. Ensure that all the beams offer sufficient support and you can also consider installing the automatic window openers and louver vents at this stage. This will keep the temperature inside even and prevent over scorching of your sensitive plants. You can also fill in the gaps with a silicon sealant and use white asphalt roof panels along the ridge beam.

Step 6: Get to Planting 

Now your space is ready to house your leafy friends, a good place to start however would be outside the greenhouse itself. You can paint a lush picture inside but it does not bode well if the space outside is dry and arid, so cover the area with green grass and some cheery shrubs to start off. You can then get to planting your favorite flowers, herbs, or even some seasonal vegetables inside your brand new greenhouse. 

Now that you have an understanding of how to put your dream greenhouse together, it's time to decide on the best greenhouse kit for you. You will need to decide on the size, style and the kind of windows you want before you buy the one for you. While this can have you scrambling, carefully assess your current needs and our rundown of the best greenhouses should make the choice easier. 

Exaco Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse with Large Cupolabest greenhouse garage department

For those of you who are on the lookout for a larger structure, the Janssens cathedral Victorian greenhouse is just for you. Spaciously designed with a 20 by 15 foot floor size, tall sides and an extended roof cupola section your plants have all the room they need to flourish. The versatile design also allows you to use it as a hot tub cover or even an outdoor sunroom.

The attractive antique design is only enhanced by the sturdy aluminum used in the pre-welded framing. The 4mm tempered glass used in the windows is safe and offers excellent insulation value. Keep the temperature even with the help of the automatic openers and a louver window. The two hanging windows on the sides also swing up for added ventilation. 

For your added convenience, you have a set of lockable swinging doors and a single lockable sliding door to make entry simple. The extended roof cupola adds to the vintage charm and is sure to brighten up your garden or backyard. 

Exaco Retro Royal Victorian Greenhouse

best greenhouse garage department

For those of you who want something cozy and charming - we have just the thing for you. This retro style greenhouse from the ‘Helios’ line of Janssens of Belgium is just the Victorian decor masterpiece you need to spruce up your garden area. 

The highlight of this structure are the 4mm tempered glass as opposed to 3mm used in most windows and the 10mm triple layer "X-Strong" polycarbonate walls that offer better insulation in colder climes. You don’t have to worry about weather damage as much with this structure as the glass panes are secured with heavy-duty rubber seals around instead of the usual metal clips. 

You have more than enough headspace thanks to the tall design that leaves at least 1 foot of room above. The aluminum profile is thicker and stronger and for your peace of mind TUV & GS tested and approved.  You can place the sliding door on any side of the greenhouse and step right into your very own slice of paradise.

Exaco Royal Victorian Antique Orangerie Greenhouse

best greenhouse garage department

Looking to give your backyard the royal treatment? This premier orangerie greenhouse is just what you need. The alluring old English style is not the only thing on offer here, the robust aluminum profile offers all the support the structure needs. 

Your nursery does not have to worry about inclement conditions since the windows use 4mm tempered glass in lieu of 3mm glass for better insulation. Adding to the robust insulation are the substantial rubber seals. This glasshouse is also equipped with automatic window openers for uninterrupted ventilation. 

The single pane vertical glass piece doesn't just look elegant but steers clear of the dirt and debris that usually collects in the double overlapping glass design. You have a six inch foundation frame and 185 square feet of room, so you have a large enough usable space to grow all the plants you want. 

Exaco RIGA XL Greenhouse

best greenhouse garage department

For blooming flower beds and bountiful vegetable patches, this European style greenhouse is just what you need. Manufactured by Hoklartherm, Germany, this greenhouse uses a combination of the best in class materials for the ultimate durability. 

The windows feature 16mm triple-wall poly-carbonate glazing in lieu of the common Poly-gal or GE glazing to offer far superior insulation. The durable hardware keeps the frame profile permanently attached to each other and keeps the structure firmly in place even under particularly windy conditions.

Once you establish this practical greenhouse in your backyard, you can grow any of the plants you want all year round. So say hello to your favorite seasonal veggies anytime you want. 

Exaco EOS Royal Antique Victorian Greenhouse Regular

best greenhouse garage department

Take the drama of your green space up a notch with this Victorian style greenhouse. This antique greenhouse is part of the Orangerie collection and features a 38 degree steeper slope and a classic white finish. The decorative bits on top further add to its regal look and you are going to love walking into your old-school conservatory everytime you want to tend to your plants.

The spacious floor plan sticks to a unique T-shape and offers 169 square feet of space which is enough room for you to move about while still maintaining the timeless appearance. The windows are fitted with narrow 4mm tempered glass panes that are 14” wide for a sleek look and excellent insulation. 

We know that our leafy friends need ample ventilation and this nursery does not disappoint with four roof windows that come with automatic openers and two louver vents for a steady supply of airflow. Enter through the double hinged full-length glass doors with a low threshold for easy access. 

Exaco Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse 

best greenhouse garage department

Ready to take on the challenge of year-round gardening? This Victorian style greenhouse from the Helios line from Janssens of Belgium is sure to help you achieve your goal. This ageless conservatory comes with all the old-fashioned allure of English architecture and makes for an indulgent addition to your backyard. 

The dark green hue blends especially well with your existing landscape. The 4mm tempered glass used offers far superior insulation than the commonly used 3mm variety making it a great place for you to enjoy your morning tea on cold mornings. 

The sturdy aluminum profile is thicker and stronger, while the windows are held in place by substantial rubber seals instead of metal clips for added protection against the elements. Get all the breathing space your green buddies need with the three roof windows and two louver windows. Just use the convenient double sliding door to step in and out of your very own Eden.

Exaco Royal Victorian Greenhouse VI34

best greenhouse garage department

If you’re looking to establish a quaint atmosphere in your garden, this royal Victorian style greenhouse is just the fun and functional addition you need. The retro English style is further enhanced by the charming dark green hue of the frame. 

This conservatory offers the penultimate in durability thanks to the strong aluminum profile, the X-Strong polycarbonate panels that feature beveled edges and the U-shaped metal end caps. The windows are held together by substantial rubber seals instead of metal clips to provide the needed insulation for all season gardening. 

The 6" high foundation frame included offers a solid base while the spindle roof window openers along with automatic window openers work great especially in particularly windy conditions. Place the sliding door in a vertical position and install the included misting system and get started on your greenscaping adventure. 

Exaco ARCUS Greenhouse ARCUS3

best greenhouse garage department

For those of you who are looking for a conservatory that is big enough to walk into but not so big that it takes up your entire backyard, this spacious greenhouse is just for you. The featured one-of-a-kind curved panels slide open to facilitate maximum cross-wind ventilation. This kind of structure also offers plants plenty of exposure to direct sunlight for their nourishment.

The "I-beam" style foundation anchoring system is especially designed to sit in a trench and be backfilled, or to be sat on top of a deck or concrete slab. The most interesting thing is perhaps the wide 37" barn style door with a separate top and bottom section. 

Each curved side supports four assembly bolts that you can even use to hang your plants or lights, the robust center roof bar can also be used for the same. For unperturbed longevity, you can count on the insulation the 6mm twin-wall glazing in side walls and 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate in front and back gables. Garden to your content through the sun, rain and snow with this all-in-one greenhouse.

Exaco RIGA Greenhouse RIGAIIs

best greenhouse garage department

This charming little greenhouse is sure to please novice gardeners and experienced landscapers alike. Designed especially for particularly inclement conditions, the heavy-duty construction uses 8mm twin poly-carbonate walls that can withstand heavy frost. 

This isn’t just a conservatory for the cold of the winter however, the panels are also UV coated to prevent overheating. You can use either of the oversized rear wall windows with an adjustment arm or the roof window with automatic window openers to facilitate a pleasant breeze within the space. 

You have a walking height that goes from 6’1” to 7’6” high so you have enough headspace to move around. So use the sturdy Dutch barn door whenever you want to tend to your plants. You can also use the keyed lock to keep your prized plants safe from any damage. 

Exaco Junior Victorian Greenhouse

best greenhouse garage department

This Victorian style greenhouse delivers all the old world charm you are looking for in a more accessible size. Modern European engineering makes use of an elegant black aluminum framework with tempered glass panels for unmatched durability. 

The structure, though it appears small, comes with abundant 5' side walls and an 8'2" peak for sufficient headspace. You however have a comfortable 97 square feet of comfortable interior workspace to work on your year-round gardening. The 4” high foundation frame included and the shoulders provided with large gutters are also 5’ high for all the room you need. 

The single 4mm tempered glass panels are held in place by substantial rubber seals for the best in class insulation. So whether you are over-wintering valuable plants, starting on some new seedlings or creating a tropical jungle in cold climes, this stunning greenhouse allows you to enjoy years of maintenance free use. 


To determine the greenhouse for your needs there are a number of things to consider. Whether it is size, what it will be used for, the climate it is required in or the materials you need. Whether you are looking for just a warm and humid place to grow your tropical favorites or extend your annual growing season when it is colder, there is a greenhouse for you. Ensure you have the room for it and you are ready for the maintenance requirements that come with something like this. Our comprehensive list of our picks for 2022 caters to every need and is sure to make your choice easier than ever. 

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