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Top 10 Hot Tubs of 2022

Top 10 Hot Tubs of 2022

The season for relaxing is here and what can beat the lush comfort that a hot tub in your own backyard offers? Not much in our opinion, while this ultimate luxury used to be outrageously expensive. Personal hot tubs have become far more affordable and you now have a range of inflatable, natural and jetted options you can bring home. They also come with a range of features to cater to you every whim. The wide variety on offer can leave someone new to the world of tubs a tad confused. Fret not, for we have rounded up the best on offer to suit your size and your specific needs, so you can get down to having a splashing good time. 

Aleko 4-Person Square Inflatable Hot Tub Spa with Cover - 160 Gallon Black and White

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Setting up your very own backyard oasis becomes reachable with this stunning hot tub. Offering all the physical and mental benefits of a traditional hot tub at a more affordable price, this is one patio accessory you will not regret adding to your space. 

The inflatable design also means that it is conveniently lightweight, so the installation process is as simple as can be. When you are done relaxing, simply snap the fitted matching cover back in place to prevent spoilage by bad weather. 

This hot tub comfortably holds four, so you can have a leisurely conversation with loved ones over bubbles at any time. Speaking of bubbles, the featured 130 high powered bubble jets offer the ultimate massage alleviation. The cushioned floor invites you to sit back and relax at any time. 

Aleko Round Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Zip Cover 6 Person 265 Gallon Black and White

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Looking for deep relaxation? This hot tub spa is just for you. Featuring 130 high powered bubble jets, you have reduced stress, anxiety relief, better sleep, reduced muscular pain, and more. So you can really sit back on the cushioned floor and soak away your worries. 
Unlike traditional hot tubs, this piece is delightfully lightweight allowing you to place it on your patio, garden, backyard or deck. This personal spa is also undeniably available at a more accessible price, making it perfect for pretty much anyone. Capable of housing up to 6 people, be prepared to host your many visitors.
Convenience is at the forefront with this personal hot tub since it includes a matching, fitted cover that you can put over the top of the tub and zip together to keep your spa clean and contained. The cover includes a password lock to keep the cover completely secure. The underside is coated with aluminium foil to keep water extra warm and lock in heat. 

Aleko Round Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Zip Cover 4 Person 210 Gallon Black

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Indulge in some much needed self care with this comfy hot tub. Featuring a cushioned floor and 130 high powered bubble jets, this piece allows you to truly immerse yourself in the calm and tranquil. When you want to dial up the fun, you can invite your friends over since this hot tub can comfortably house four. 

You can keep the dirt and debris from ruining your enjoyment by simply zipping the matching cover provided over the tub. The included password lock will make sure no one gets in other than you and your trusted ones. 

The underside of the cover is aluminium coated to keep the water warmer for longer. The inflatable design is not only incredibly easy to install but also comes at a much more affordable price making it that much more accessible for you and your family to enjoy a relaxing day off. 

Aleko Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Drink Tray and Cover 2 Person 145 Gallon Black and White 

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Sometimes all you might want to do is unwind and talk about the day with your partner. This inflatable hot tub serves as the perfect place to do just that. Intimately designed to house just two, your loved one will enjoy the comfort of the cushioned floor and the soothing massage delivered by the 130 high powered bubble jets. 

The lightweight inflatable design makes it easily portable, so you can have your date night pretty much anywhere you want it. Want to amp up the romance, present your partner their favorite bubbly on the provided drink tray that is attached outside the tub.

You don’t have to worry about upkeep, since this hot tub comes with a matching fitted cover that can be simply snapped in place when you’re not using it. This will keep your personal spa clean and tidy and ready for use at any time. The underside of the cover has foil coating to keep water extra warm and to lock in heat. 

Aleko Natural Pine Hot Tub with Charcoal Stove 2 Person 132 Gallon

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Looking to turn up the old-world charm in your outdoor space? The wooden hot tub is sure to enhance the comfort and chic factor of your patio. A true visual aesthetic winner, this hot tub features a natural pine wood finish that will seamlessly blend into your surroundings. The impressive 132 gallon capacity is just right for you and your partner to enjoy a restorative experience. 
The rusticity doesn’t end there, this hot tub is charcoal heated and provides heating for a good 5 to 6 hours. Energy efficiency at its finest, you can prepare a delicious meal for just the two of you on the attached charcoal stove as the water heats to a desirable temperature. 
Don’t worry about the hassles that usually come with charcoal heating, this piece has you covered. You can light the stove easily with the combustion improvement feature, which holds fuel under the charcoal to ensure an easy flame while an air intake vent below keeps the fire going. Cleanup is just as easy with an ash catcher below that can be emptied when you are done.

Aleko Square Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Cover 6 Person 250 Gallon Brown and White

best hot tub
Relax, revive and refresh with this square hot tub in your backyard. The 250 gallon capacity means you can comfortably house 6 people and host parties or even treat yourself to a personal self care day. 
Heating up to a maximum of 108 degrees and featuring 130 high powered bubble jets, you can truly immerse yourself and have a splash-tastic time. You can effortlessly control the bubble jets, the temperatures and even the filtering via the easy to operate digital panel. 
You don’t have to fret over maintenance since you can simply snap the cover back into place to keep your personal spa clean and contained. The underside of the cover has an aluminium foil coating to keep the water suitably warm. So get to experiencing your outdoor space in a truly different way. 

Aleko Round Inflatable Jetted Hot Tub with Cover 4 Person 211 Gallon Brown

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Step into this round jetted hot tub after a long day and feel the stress melt away. Smartly designed, this structure effortlessly holds four people when you want to enjoy an intimate gathering with close friends. When you want some time alone of course this hot tub works just as well. 

Equipped with 130 bubble jets, this spa is great for families, athletes, people who live with chronic pain, those who suffer from insomnia among many others. Though the temperature can go up to 108 degrees, we suggest keeping it at a comfortable 104 degrees or below. We also suggest switching off the control box every 48 hours so the temperatures can cool and reset.
Use the fitted cover included that snaps into place with buckles to keep leaves, insects and other contaminants out of your haven. The foil on the underside of the cover also effectively traps the heat to keep the water warm for a prolonged time.

Aleko Round Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Cover 4 Person 210 Gallon Light Blue

best hot tub

Make waves in your backyard with this round hot tub spa from Aleko. Capable of heating up to 108 degrees, you can truly decompress and soothe your sore muscles. As you soak in the hot water, you will find that your stress is alleviated along with any joint pain you are experiencing. 
This hot tub can be inflated and deflated within minutes for your complete convenience. To keep things neat and tidy, simply put the cover over the tub and snap it in place once you are done soaking your worries away. 
The lightweight design allows you to place this piece pretty much anywhere, so you can enjoy the views in your garden or even a stimulating conversation with your close pals on the deck. However, unlike traditional hot tubs, this inflatable personal spa comes with an added bonus of being available at an accessible price.

Aleko Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Drink Tray and Cover 2 Person 145 Gallon Black 

best ho tub

Enjoy the intimacy and serenity provided by this stylish oval hot tub. Ideal for two people to truly immerse themselves in a warm atmosphere, this personal spa also allows you to enjoy a refreshing beverage on the drink tray attached. The cushioned floor, 130 high powered bubble jets and maximum heating temperature of 108 degrees offer you and your partner the ultimate relaxation. You have complete control of the process through a digital panel that allows you to operate the temperature, bubble jets and filtering. 
You can preserve the subtle black hue and hygiene by simply snapping the provided fitted cover in place. The underside of the cover has a foil coating that locks in the heat to keep the water calm and warm. 

Aleko Square Inflatable Jetted Hot Tub with Cover 6 Person 265 Gallon Black

best hot tub
Get ready to chill out and blow off some steam in this inflatable jetted hot tub. Featuring a cushioned floor and 130 high powered bubble jets, this piece is especially ideal to let go of tension and massage away any pain. The key benefit is that you can purchase all this at a truly affordable price. 

Capable of housing up to 6 people, this is also great for entertaining your close friends and sharing your woes over a soak. You can also heat the water up to a maximum temperature of 108 degrees; for your safety, we however recommend keeping it at 104 degrees or lower.  Use the digital panel to control the settings. 

You have complete convenience with this hot tub, since it can be inflated or deflated in minutes. The lightweight design also allows you to move it to your patio, garden or even the backyard. Use the fitted cover to keep things free of debris and the water warm. 
All of us can agree that life is truly wonderful when you have a hot tub to relax in after a long tiring day. While the benefits of hydrotherapy and the intimate personal spa experience are undeniable, shopping for a new hot tub can be quite the challenge. You need to consider the size, style, shape, number of jets and even color before you make the purchase. Create a peaceful oasis in your outdoor space worry free with our comprehensive list of hot tubs for you to peruse and decide.
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