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Ways To Spruce Up Your Deck

Ways To Spruce Up Your Deck

A deck can be a place to bond with your family and friends, and is a place to chill and have the best of times. This article will help you to spruce up your deck with some DIYs as well.

Pressure wash your deck

Do you remember the last time you pressure-washed your deck? If you have never pressure-washed your deck, it’s time to bring out the pressure wash as it can help revive the worn look of your deck. It eliminates debris and dirt that has seeped into the material. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can rent one from your local store. Make sure to prep your outdoor flooring before using the pressure washer, read the instructions on how to use it and follow them properly. Pressure washing can cause gouging if you have a soft deck. So to be safe, pressure wash composite or hardwood decks only.

Ways To Spruce Up Your Deck

Re-stain your deck

Restaining may do a great deal to brighten up a drab, worn-out wood deck. There are several deck staining choices available. You could pick solid stains that cover the wood grain while retaining vivid colours or wood-toned treatments that accentuate the organic aesthetic of your superior wood decking.

Start by power washing; you can power wash at 300 psi with a 40° fan nozzle. Choose a cloudy day with mild evaporation. Scrub the wooden panels with a stiff-bristled brush and cleaning solution. Working in areas of less than 200 square feet, work your way down from the top rail to the deck boards. Allow the wood to dry properly after power rinsing for three to four days without any rain. Wipe up, then stain in the same direction you cleaned, down from the rails. Allow at least two days for the stain to dry before stepping on it or putting any furniture.

Upgrade your outdoor flooring

Remodelling your outdoor flooring is one of the best methods to improve your outdoor area. You can quickly transform your area with new decking and can also build an oasis with a DIY deck design.

Consider composite decking if you need new outdoor flooring and want a simple DIY job. Composite decking is practical and beautiful for a DIY job since it is simple to install, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. Since the 1990s, it's gone a long way and currently comes in a wide range of styles, from mocha decking with deep grooves to elegant wood-look grey.

Add some shade to your deck

If you don't have roofing, something overhead could provide shade. Rain protection and shade are provided by a range of canopies and awnings, some of which are motorised. Pergolas and arbours, for example, have been popular deck additions in recent times. These structures may give an outdoor environment a room-like character. Shade not only protects your deck from rain and sun but also gives your deck a beautiful look. You can sit on your deck no matter how the weather is.

Spruce up your deck with furniture

Placing furniture on your deck is a simple way to express your personality while also adding usability to your outdoor living space. From poolside lounge chairs to cosy sofa sets, your deck furniture will be defined by both your taste and the use of your deck area.

You don't have to spend money on buying new furniture. Instead, you can paint your old furniture with a bright colour. You can have vibrant blue chairs and side tables that will stand out against your deck flooring and instantly add a splash of colour to the deck.

Ways To Spruce Up Your Deck

Illuminate your deck

During summertime, you'll want to spend your evenings on your deck, relishing the cool wind. Deck stair lights are a nice addition for people to have during times like these.

Adding lights to your deck creates a nice ambience while also helping you in finding firm footing when making your way up and down the steps. In addition to having deck step lighting, railing lights can be added to give much-needed illumination. You can also add something as simple as string fairy lights that come in different shapes such as beer bottles, tikis, guitars, pineapples, dragonflies, etc. Alternatively, high-end low-voltage lighting in permanent structures with dimmers and sensors can be used.

Adding clay pavers and pots

If you want to give your deck an ancient look, you can add clay pavers. Clay pavers were used a lot in the olden days and they are making a comeback now. The dark colours of hard-fired clay pavers will give your deck a vintage look. The clay pavers are exposed to UV rays so the colour doesn’t fade away easily, and they also resist staining.

Pots and urns can add life to your deck. But for that, you need to carefully select your pots. Really great pots can give your worn-out deck some life. You can buy pots in clusters for a more organised look.

Add warmth to your deck by installing a fireplace

A nice fireplace on your deck may improve the ambience, give warmth on cold evenings as well as provide ideal marshmallow-roasting chances for you and your friends. Installing a fireplace on your deck can be a little expensive but the expense is worth it.

If you don't want to deal with the difficulty and expense of putting a permanent fireplace on your deck, a portable fireplace can be considered an option. Portable fireplaces are perfect if you aren't ready for a full-fledged fireplace.

Ways To Spruce Up Your Deck

Have some privacy by adding shutters, lattice or tarp

There are many ways for sprucing up your deck while giving you your privacy. To begin, you may install a lattice wall to give your deck a more stylish look. A wooden lattice wall can do the job. If you want to make it more romantic you can add creepers or also add some hanging flowers for fragrance.

In addition to the lattice, you may add shutters for privacy and practicality. Finally, if you just want to take a simpler alternative, you may cover your deck with a tarp.

When assembling a lattice wall, bear in mind that vines might cling to it. So add vines of your choice. When it comes to shutters, you may embellish them in an eye-catching way. If you're going to use a tarp, choose one that will fit with the rest of your deck and home.

Another way is to add trees, plants, and other accessories to block your neighbour’s view of the deck. Get the right planters and you can get a cosy feel with privacy.

Add deck balusters or deck rail panels

Instead of the conventional wooden pickets on your deck railing, why not try something a little more unique? There are many cast aluminium balusters to choose from that work wonderfully with wood to create a strong, weather-resistant deck railing. Aluminium balusters come in a variety of baked-on enamel colours, including bronze, white, black, green, silver, among others. Balusters do not have to be perfectly straight. You may have them twisted in traditional Imperial forms or carved out in sleek curves or angular twists to fit your specific preferences and style. They are all pre-shaped and easy to set up.

What about something a little more dramatic to complement your deck railing? You can get laser-cut steel panels available with wildlife, silhouettes of trees, and other natural sceneries. The panels slide into holes in wooden posts to provide a robust deck railing that will truly stand out in your yard. You may use them to encircle the whole deck or simply one or two panels as a centrepiece.

Add misters for some relief in the summer

If your deck becomes a bit too hot in the afternoons, try installing some patio misters. A patio mister is essentially a set of micro-nozzles built into a length of hose. The hose is connected to an outside hose bib after being connected to the underside of a pergola or patio cover, edge of your deck railing or any other suitable spot.

The nozzles spray a constant, fine mist of water, which cools the air temperatures and makes your deck and outdoor area more pleasant.

Patio misters come in a variety of sizes and nozzle designs, and extras such as water booster pumps, splitters and even in-line filters are available for you to customise according to your preferences.


There are ideas for unique deck railings, pergolas, deck coverings and even the deck itself. The usual plan package includes sketches, material lists, and instructions for assembly, and a few even include DVDs.

These and many other deck furnishings may be found in your local home centre, hardware shop, lumberyard, as well as some major department stores and superstores. And, as usual, a quick web search will provide a plethora of items and ideas.

To sum up, to spruce up your deck, you don't have to be a DIY deck expert. You can make the perfect outdoor living area with the appropriate décor and some simple DIYs. Go ahead and make your deck a beautiful place to chill.

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