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Why setting up a home spa is an excellent idea this spring

Why setting up a home spa is an excellent idea this spring

It is always essential that one has enough time to relax, unwind, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily life. In this regard, the unique experience offered by a spa is ideal to take care of the above. But not everyone usually enjoys this, as they think that either they do not have the necessary facilities at home, or it is just not feasible to create a home spa. But these are not true anymore, as home spas have become quite the trend nowadays.

saunas and hot tubs

Home spas are a welcome addition to any home, irrespective of whether you are experiencing hot and humid days, shivering nights, or even pleasant spring afternoons. Given the versatility of home spas and the health benefits they offer, there are quite several ways these can be used; not to mention the wide variety of options available for consumers depending on what their needs are. Installation of home spas is increasingly becoming a common requirement among new homemakers too!

People are taking self-care and wellness more seriously today, and the presence of home spas in the market has aided in helping them fulfill their wishes. Saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, etc. are all in high demand owing to this new trend. Here, we try to help you look at the best kind of home spa options, and make an informed choice.

When to buy a hot tub

The price of a hot tub might make you feel it is extravagant, but the benefits it offers are a very good reason to buy them. We are listing out some of the reasons why buying hot tubs this spring are worth it, instead of choosing to stick to the good ol’ bath.

saunas and hot tubs

  • Using a hot tub is an excellent way of soothing yourself, as it helps ease the tension in your muscles, and increase the general sense of physical well-being. The hot water also improves the blood flow and circulation in your body.
  • Studies related to insomnia have shown that soaking in hot tubs will help you sleep better even without any medication. It is especially significant since sleepless nights are bound to cause issues like mood changes, poor memory, lack of focus, low energy levels, irritation, and exhaustion. Hot tubs will help increase body temperatures, and the instant cool-down periods will thus help improve your sleeping patterns.
  • Hot tubs help release pressure and strain on joints, which is very important after a long day of hard work. The jets in the tub are known to target muscle groups and relieve muscle pain. Hence, hot tubs are an effective way of alleviating different kinds of tension in the body and improving your overall health.
  • Even barring the healthy advantages, hot tubs are a brilliant investment considering you will be installing a private retreat in your own comfort zone and will be able to take time off without worrying about additional expenses or travel. Instant relaxation will only be a few steps away, literally! 

Since their use is not restricted to any particular season, you could have these even outdoors and enjoy starry nights, beautiful sunsets, or spend some quality time with your friends and family under the perfect spring weather.

What to remember while deciding on a hot tub

There are many things to consider when you are looking for a hot tub, and it is always good to have some knowledge about what to look for. Here, we are listing out some of the essential considerations.

  • Firstly, be aware of the budget. You will be spending not just on the tub, but also on installation, maintenance, water and energy, pumps, etc.  
  • You should consider whether a hot tub suits your lifestyle; after all, if you do not have time to use them, they become pointless.
  • You should ensure that the area where you intend to install the hot tub has all the necessary amenities; massage jets, covers, lighting, ladders, or other amenities specific to the reasons you are buying a hot tub. Also, ensure that you have a flat surface to place the hot tub and an appropriate power supply.
  • Hot tubs generally have different jet configurations for massaging the body. To utilize these properly, you would want to avoid a smaller hot tub as it would become restrictive. But if that is not a requirement and relaxation is your only need, you could go for a smaller hot tub for 2-3 people.
  • Primary sanitation is extremely important as well.
  • Warranty is a good indicator of how much the product is reliable, and of the brand’s confidence in the product. It is always wise to go for a hot tub that offers a long warranty period, or provides an extended warranty.
saunas and hot tubs

Buying a hot tub is a significant investment, but seeing the number of ways it will improve your life, it is easy to see that the benefits outweigh the cost. If you are careful enough and look at all the necessary details, you will definitely be making a smart purchase.

Best Hot Tubs consider this Spring

Here are a few bestselling hot tub recommendations you could consider buying this season:

Aleko Oval Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Drink Tray and Cover 2 Person 145 Gallon Black HTIO2BKBK-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This hot tub designed for two people is very convenient to install, comes in at affordable prices, and is sure to offer a relaxing time, both indoors and outdoors.

Aleko Round Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Cover 4 Person 210 Gallon Brown and White HTIR4BRW-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This hot tub accommodates up to four people and is a wonderful self-care product guaranteed to offer numerous mental and physical health benefits for families, athletes, and professionals alike.

Aleko Round Inflatable Hot Tub Spa With Cover 6 Person 265 Gallon Black and White HTIR6BKW-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This hot tub is an excellent choice for those looking to accommodate big groups of up to six people. It is available at an accessible price point, has additional accessories like tub covers, and is a perfect fit for an outdoor home spa.

Aleko Round Inflatable Jetted Hot Tub with Cover - 4 Person - 210 Gallon - Black HTIR4WHBK-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This 4-person spa comes with high powered bubble jets that provide a soothing massage to the users. Perfect for patios, gardens, and any similar space, this hot tub is sure to add an extra touch to your relaxation plans.

Aleko Natural Pine Hot Tub with Charcoal Stove 2 Person 132 Gallon HT2PIN-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This multi-purpose hot tub has an exquisite and aesthetic finish and can easily fit the décor of your living space. Its design ensures minimal energy wastage too. Suitable for those who are looking for a slightly high-end alternative.

When to buy a sauna

The main reason to own a sauna is due to its remarkable health benefits which directly improve the quality of your day-to-day life. They even come in various versions like portable, single person, small, etc., which makes it easier for a customer to choose according to their needs. Saunas can be used after exercise or workouts, for a relaxing time after a long day, or medical reasons too. In addition to making you feel rejuvenated, there are several other advantages saunas offer:

  • In addition to helping cool the core body temperature, sweating induced by saunas has been found to facilitate natural detoxification – as indicated by multiple studies. 
  • Saunas may be good for cancer patients, as there are studies that indicate that they might help shrink tumors and promote the death of cancer cells.
  • Increased use of saunas has also been associated with a lower risk of many heart diseases – even a 50% reduction in heart-related deaths! This might be because saunas can lower blood pressure and open up arteries that are at the risk of plaque blockages. 
  • Saunas are also known for their effects on pain alleviation and reducing inflammation. They have also been linked to a lower risk of age-related diseases and a lesser number of bone fractures due to activation of the ‘longevity gene’, FOXO3.
  • Frequent sauna usage also seems to have a positive impact on decreasing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s, improving the well-being of diabetics, enhancing skin health, and boosting overall physical fitness.

saunas and hot tubs

All the above ultimately indicate that having a sauna that you can use conveniently prolongs your lifespan in the longer run, which pretty much justifies the investment you make today. Combining recreational, medical, and health-related elements into one, taking the time to enjoy some time in the sauna is nothing but beneficial.

What to remember while buying a sauna

Spending enough time in a sauna can work wonders by offering a multitude of health benefits. But it is important to understand what type of sauna you should go for, as there is a range of different types available in the market. In addition, your decision-making will also be influenced by other factors. Here, we try to give you a quick overview of the elements you should be looking at before selecting the right sauna and optimizing your purchase.

saunas and hot tubs
  • The difference in sauna types – Traditional and infrared saunas are the two main types available. If you want to enjoy steam in the sauna at higher temperatures and are mainly looking for a social environment, then traditional saunas would be the better option. But if lower temperatures with body-penetrating heat are your preference, then it is best to go for an infrared sauna.
  • Budget – The prices of saunas vary a lot with different types, sizes, built quality, and equipment used. Infrared saunas generally cost lesser than the traditional ones owing to the difference in installation charges. So, it is essential to keep in mind what you want in a sauna, and then search for models that offer you those so that you can make an informed choice.
  • Where to install – You need to determine the right space to put your sauna, keeping in mind the dimensions, convenience of placing it indoors or outdoors, presence of an adequate electrical outlet, accessibility from different parts of the house, ventilation, drainage, plumbing, etc.
  • Additional features – You also need to keep an eye out for features like extended warranty, options for personalization, etc., and ensure that the sauna meets all safety standards before going in for the purchase.

Considering all the aspects above will guarantee that you choose the sauna best suited for your lifestyle, property, and the required customization levels. 

Best Saunas to go for this Spring

Aleko Outdoor or Indoor White Finland Pine Wet Dry Barrel Sauna 5 Person Front Porch Canopy 4.5 kW ETL Certified SB5PINECP-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This barrel-shaped sauna is designed to accommodate up to 5 people and comes at a very accessible price point. Arranged with opposing benches, the seating space is maximized, and the sauna is designed to decrease heating time.

Aleko Canadian Hemlock Indoor Wet Dry Sauna 6 kW ETL Certified Heater 5 to 6 Person SEA5JIU-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This 5-6 person sauna comes with tempered glass entrance doors and wooden handles which adds to its ultra-stylish look. The product is perfect for areas like the front porch, back deck, or even inside the house.

Aleko Hemlock Indoor Wet Dry Steam Room Sauna 4.5 kW ETL Certified Heater 4 Person STI4HEM-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This sauna designed for four people provides maximum usable spaces while minimizing excess volume. The accessories are suited for both wet and dry use, and their assembly is very simple.

Aleko Outdoor and Indoor Rustic Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna ETL Certified Heater 4 Person SB4CEDAR-AP

saunas and hot tubs

This 4-person sauna has an entrance featuring a full glass door with self-closing hinges which helps retain the heat of the room. Its glass doors are also tinted, which results in a very efficient overall setup.

With all the recommendations we have provided above, we hope you will be able to install the hot tubs and saunas of your choice within the comforts of your own home. We are sure these will help you have a refreshing time and enjoy all the relaxing effects that you would have had inside an expensive spa. Do not forget to throw in additional supplies like herbal tea, DIY masks, essential oils, scrubs, and other spa goodies to enhance the vibe; a suitable playlist and appropriate lighting would help too!

The spa routine you follow will ultimately help anchor your days, and you will soon be thankful for the extremely rewarding and joyful experience it will provide. So go ahead and make the purchase!

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