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harvesting season

Everything You Need to Have a Great Harvesting Season

Anyone who owns a greenhouse already knows the importance of owning the right set of tools, equipment, and accessories. You can grow a wide range of vegetables and sprouts in a greenhouse with proper care and practice. 

In today's time where resources are scarce and the weather is unpredictable, more and more farmers and growers are turning to greenhouses to sustain their livelihood.

We at the Garage Department aim to support growers and make their harvest fruitful by supplying them with everything they would need. From composters and accessories to trimmers and sorters, our extensive collection features nothing but the best products.

Here's a list of things that you will need to have a great harvesting season:

1. Royal Victorian VI 36/46 - Shade Curtains

Price: $739.00

Tips: Check the measurement of the curtains before buying

Brand: Exaco

Royal Victorian Shade Curtains

Shade curtains are essential for the survival of whatever is grown inside a greenhouse. It is because the natural light going inside the greenhouse needs to be controlled depending on the nature of the plants inside the tent. Too much or too little light can negatively impact the harvest. The shade curtains you are sourcing need to be of top-notch quality to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Royal Victorian VI 36/46 is the best shade curtain on the market.

2. Royal Victorian VI 36/46 - 20 ft Seed Tray

Price: $1,100

Tips: Know the measurement of your greenhouse before placing the order

Brand: Exaco

Royal Victorian 20 ft Seed Tray

Keep your greenhouse neat and clean with the help of the Royal Victorian VI 36/46- 20 FT Seed Tray. The bottom of this seed tray is built of corrugated plastic and is available in three different sizes. This seed tray's green and black finishes are aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes. Getting this durable seed tray is the first step toward making your greenhouse more organized.

3. Royal Victorian VI 36/46 - 20 ft Top Shelf 

Price: $570.00

Tips: Invest in this top shelf if your greenhouse is running out of space

Brand: Exaco

Royal Victorian 20 ft Top Shelf

Do not be limited by size anymore. You can expand the surface area in your greenhouse with the Royal Victorian VI 36/46 - 20 ft Top Shelf available in three different sizes. Colour options like dark green and black are also available to ensure it looks well, along with serving the purpose of providing a safe space for greenhouse owners to grow plants of their liking.

4. Royal Victorian VI 46 Accessory Kit

Price: $1,999

Tips: Invest in this accessory kit if you want to avoid each item separately

Brand: Exaco

Royal Victorian Accessory Kit

This exceptional accessory kit sold by us contains everything you need to ensure optimal growth and a good harvest. The Royal Victorian VI 46 Accessory Kit includes one narrow top shelf, one seed-tray shelf, and two pieces of shade curtains. You don't need anything else apart from the Royal Victorian VI 46 Accessory Kit to keep your greenhouse organized and ensure a good harvest.

5. Exaco Aerobin 400 Insulated Composter - Aerobin 400

Price: $489

Tips: The resistance to cold weather and rodents makes this equipment ideal for all settings.

Brand: Exaco

Exaco Insulated Composter Aerobin 400

Composts are essential for the growth of plants, and it is necessary to gain access to quality composts. The Aerobin 400 from Exaco features an aeration core that breaks down organic matter easily. The thermal insulation in the Aerobin 400 conserves heat and produces fertile compost of the best quality.

6. Exaco ECO-King 400 liters/110 gal green 627003

Price: $195

Tips: Choose the right size depending on the compost requirement of your greenhouse

Brand: Exaco

Exaco ECO-King 400 liters/110 gal green

The Exaco ECO King is all you need to produce on your own top-quality compost. The compost generated from this will positively influence the harvest of your greenhouse. It has two bottom doors; the open bottom allows microorganisms in the soil to speed up the composting process. This compost bin is available in two sizes.

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7. Exaco Mr Spin Compost Tumbler - Mr Spin 

Price: $150.00

Tips: Watch the assembly guide video on the website to avoid confusion

Brand: Exaco

Exaco Mr Spin Compost Tumbler

Exaco Mr Spin Compost Tumbler is a 43-gallon compost container. One of the most unique features of this compost container is that it is rotatable and features two separate compartments, and its long legs prevent it against rats and other rodents. You can produce quality compost in a relatively short time with the help of this tumbling compost container.

8. Harvest Right Freeze Dryers | Scientific | Large + Oil Free Pump Included

Price: $9,000

Tips: Set the right shelf temperature depending on the climate conditions to yield the best results.

Brand: Harvest Right

Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is a must-have for all growers looking to have a great harvest. Storage is one of the biggest challenges once the harvest has been acquired. Well, not anymore. This freezer is all you need to safely store up to 4 gallons of materials. With over ten thermal treatments and twelve drying steps, this freeze dryer is increasingly customizable. You can control the rate of freezing with the touch of a button. 

9. Harvest Right Freeze Dryer | Home | Small 

Price: $2395

Tips: This model is ideal for homes and smaller greenhouses

Brand: Harvest Right

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

If you are looking for a smaller freeze dryer, look no further. This freeze-dry can help keep your food fresh. With the help of this excellent equipment, you can freeze up to 195 gallons of food in a year. The size of this freeze dryer makes it perfect to be kept on the countertop, cart, or table. The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer comes with a detachable pump.

10. Black Dog LED 5X5 Complete LED Grow Kit

Price: $4229

Tips: Buy this complete light kit for maximizing the harvest in your grow tent

Brand: Black Dog

Black Dog LED 5X5 Complete LED Grow Kit

Light is one of the most crucial elements to take care of in your greenhouse. Without adequate lighting, the growth of the plants in your greenhouse can be affected, and the harvest can be underwhelming despite your best efforts. However, with the Black Dog LED 5x5 Complete LED Grow Kit, you do not have to worry about inadequate lighting ever again. Carbon filters, a slide-SCOG kit, fans, and high-quality ducting are all part of this spectacular kit.

11. Grower's Choice 2K 1200W Double Ended HPS GC1200WMPHPS

Price: $89.00

Tips: A few of these lights can make a producer's harvest profitable

Brand: Grower's Choice

Grower's Choice 2K 1200W Double Ended HPS

This extraordinary lamp has a long-lasting, high-intensity arch tube that can deliver extreme light output indefinitely. Philips manufactures the inner arc tube. A few of these lights can positively influence the yield of producers and help them earn more profits. With a power of 120 watts, this is one of the best lamps suitable for greenhouses of all sizes. The light's degeneration rate is several times better than other lights available on the market. 

12. EZ Trim Harvesting Bud Bucker - Outdoor

Price: $6,999

Tips: Tabletop, indoor, and outdoor are the three available models. Buy the model that is best suitable for your specific application.

Brand: EZ Trim Harvesting

EZ Trim Harvesting Bud Bucker - Outdoor

Investing in an EZ Trim Harvesting Bud Bucker can never go wrong. The unique design of this bud remover enables you to gently remove the flowers from the stem. Ideal for both wet and dry products, the bud bucker is available in three models that are capable of plucking flowers from the stem without damaging the product. 

The rollers in the de-budder assist in grabbing branches through holes of different sizes, ensuring clean separation of the flower from the stem. The speed can be controlled to adjust the feed rate depending on whether your product is wet or dry. You can also feed the machine from both sides simultaneously to speed up the entire process. 

13. EZ Trim Harvesting EZ Trimmer

Price: $8999

Tips: You can adjust the cycle time with a touch of a button depending on the volume of flowers you need to trim.

Brand: EZ Trim Harvesting

EZ Trim Harvesting EZ Trimmer

One of the best reasons to choose this trimmer is that it offers significant potency over manual trimming methods. If you grow cannabis or hemp flowers, investing in this trimmer makes a lot of sense. Suitable for wet and dry products, the EZ Trim Harvesting EZ Trimmer is lightweight and quiet, ensuring a smooth operation. The airflow and suction guarantee the smooth movement of flowers through the grate. Adjusting the airflow and suction is essential to get the best results depending on the volume of flowers you need to trim. 

Summing Up

Garage Department is a one-stop shop for all your greenhouse and harvest equipment and accessories. Experts selected the goods in our carefully curated range to ensure a bountiful harvest for all gardeners and producers. Irrespective of the type and size of your greenhouse, you will find on our website products that can significantly and positively influence your harvest, thus increasing your profits.

We only sell products from top brands with proven track records to ensure that our clients get access to nothing but the best products. Visit our website to explore our wide range of products. Gates, fences, boats, accessories, doors, hot tubs, and safes are some of the other collections you will find on our website.

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