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Selecting The Right Front Door

Selecting The Right Front Door

Doors play an essential part in creating the style of an architectural project, just as much as ceilings, walls, and furniture pieces define the personality and perceptions of a particular space. The front door is the first tangible aspect that welcomes residents and guests; initial impressions are always the most significant. It’s the most noteworthy door in the house and can influence how the remainder of the interior is designed and decorated. However, picking the ideal front door for a modern home can be challenging, particularly with the abundance of style options available. Therefore, before making a decision, you should have a solid understanding of those possibilities and how they might turn your front door into a style statement.

We have identified the following as the four most important aspects to consider when selecting the front door: the material, the style, the color, and the size. If you are also looking for closet door ideas, all of the alternatives discussed here have a wide range of applications.

A wide range of potential Materials


Selecting The Right Front Door

The first step in selecting the entrance door is determining what material would be most suitable for your house’s architecture. Wood is the go-to material, owing to its adaptability, ageless quality, and inviting aesthetic that draws inspiration from the natural world. You can utilize it in several styles, forms, and finishes; for example, a raw board can be used to create a rustic atmosphere, while a sleek finish brings out a more exquisite look.


Selecting The Right Front Door

Glass doors are perfect for modern residential entrances because they maximize natural light and views. This type of door is becoming more popular in today's homes. For example, vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh is widely used for making garage screen doors. These are typically installed within a steel framework, and they allow natural light to enter a home while maintaining a modern and streamlined appearance. 


Compared to wood and glass, steel is recognized as the material that offers the most degree of design flexibility and the highest level of durability. Steel entry doors are also known to be the most cost-effective option. They neither expand nor contract, resist a wide range of climatic conditions, and provide superior insulation. 

Variations in the motion of the door opening


Selecting The Right Front Door

Aside from the aesthetic value they add, front doors should not impede the smooth passage of things and people. There are various cutting-edge door-opening types available to pick from, in addition to the conventional single-hinged door. Front doors pivoting to the side are an excellent choice for contemporary homes since they make a bold statement. A pivot door, in its most basic form, rotates on an axis that runs vertically, creating a canvas that is free to rotate and adding dynamic movement.


Double entry doors, more commonly referred to as French doors, create a broad and appealing entrance. While a single entry door does its duty admirably, there are several reasons to consider installing its double entry counterpart instead. They offer a wider access point, beneficial for hosting or moving heavy furnishings. Naturally, a larger area also entails increased access to sunlight and improved views. Installation is straightforward, and there is a wide variety of materials to choose from as double doors are, in their essence, a set of single pivoted doors opening in opposite directions from one another.


Although they typically act as dividers for the internal spaces of a building, it is possible for sliding front doors to make a fluid transition from the outside to the interior of a house. Because they open laterally rather than outwards or inwards, they can be beneficial for spaces that are limited in surface area. New technologies have made it possible for sliding doors to be very safe and to work as effective insulators, in addition to their distinctive design, straightforward operation, and space-saving usefulness.

Vivid hues that lend a sense of character

Front doors frequently have their underlying materials exposed or become white, neutral, or blackened. However, an intentionally black front door is a bold choice that adds characters. Black interior doors are also a popular choice. With that said, a flash of color, be it a low-saturated pastel tone or an over-the-top hue, is an easy way to bring playfulness and personality to the front entrance. Bold hues can be used to generate an attractive modern doorway that enhances the house’s front appeal, as long as they are included in a balanced fashion.

A bold statement can be made with oversized doors.

The door frame in a house will typically dictate the maximum size of a home's front door, and the height of a standard door typically does not go higher than 80 inches. Today, however, a premium is placed on spaciousness, towering ceilings, and ample hallway space in contemporary homes by architects and homeowners. Therefore, big front doors are trending in modern design and dominating the architectural industry. Large doors are indeed a greater investment, but the effect they have on the appearance of a home is immediate and dramatic. This makes them an excellent choice for creating a warm and inviting first impression. When planning the layout of the front entry of a modern home, it is essential to remember that a door that is somewhat larger than usual may prove to be an excellent addition.

Selecting The Right Front Door

DIY Steps 

Swap out your wall sconces

A doorway that is warm and inviting must have adequate lighting. Change the sconces on your front entrance to ones that are more consistent with the aesthetic of your house for a simple do-it-yourself upgrade. Lantern wall sconces with an antique aesthetic hype up a stone facade and accent the black front door trim. You could do the same for black garage doors. Choose outdoor light fixtures with a more contemporary design if you want your space to have a modern feel.

Include some houseplants in decorative containers

Put some gorgeous flowers in containers and place them at your front door to liven up the space. Include a topiary to create a sense of size variation and include an element of sculptural interest. If you have a shaded porch, you should plant flowers that are tolerant of the cool temperatures. You can also create your own home number planter to raise the level of the vegetation to where it is more visible.

Put up a homemade wreath

Hanging a wreath on your front entrance is a simple way to inject your own sense of design into the space. A monogram planter is an easy DIY project that you can construct for your front entrance. All you need are cedar boards, spray paint, and chicken wire. 

Put some homemade molding around the door

Your front door will attract more attention with ornate moldings, such as a white trim against a dark door. Even better, give the existing trim a fresh coat of paint for a quick and easy job that will boost your home's curb appeal without breaking the bank and taking more than a day to complete.

House numbers should be spelled out

Putting your address in word form can instantaneously give your home a more contemporary feel. Mounting the letter arrangement requires picking a location that has a lot of horizontal space, and maybe anything like a porch. Make sure the letters are appropriately spaced by utilizing a measurement instrument and a level.


The design of a home's front door is an essential component in determining its overall curb appeal. Because it is the first thing that everybody, including you, sees when they approach the property, it is worthy of considerable thought and contemplation. There is a myriad of front door designs to pick from, including doors that are paneled, solid, glass, or part glazed; nevertheless, making the perfect choice to suit the architecture of a home is essential to the overall appearance of a home from the outside. We hope this article helped you explore the advantages of each style as well as the pitfalls to avoid. Check out La Casa Ventures, and we will help you find the right front door for you!

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