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6 Easy Methods To Protect Your Deck From Sun Damage

6 Easy Methods To Protect Your Deck From Sun Damage

Adding a wooden deck to your house is a delightful idea, especially if you enjoy the breeze and the sun. Beautiful as it looks, wood needs some basic upkeep. It tends to fade, turn grey, and dull during hot summer months. UV rays from the sun are harmful to its color and luster, causing it to lose its rich color quite quickly if left untreated. 

Let this not discourage you from getting an amazing wooden deck. We have a few techniques to ensure it stays safe from damage. Keep reading to know the best practices for wood and sun exposure.

Methods to prevent your deck from sun damage

Stain colors

The first thing you can do to minimize sun damage is go for a stain color that will absorb the least heat during the summer months. Decks can get hot during summers, which is often because darker stains absorb more heat. Try to choose lighter stains, so that much of the heat and light are reflected, and your deck stays cool. Stains like black, mahogany, or redwood may look very attractive initially, but they are quick to fade compared to lighter stains.

Sun umbrellas

6 Easy Methods To Protect Your Deck From Sun Damage

A sun umbrella will provide shade to your deck and prolong its life. Not only does it look great on a deck, but it is specifically designed to block harmful UV rays from reaching the deck surface with its long-lasting UV-resistant fabric. A vidaXL 4-Tier Parasol has a pole on one side instead of the center, so it doesn't obstruct the seating area in any way.


An awning is excellent for maximum sun protection. It might cost you some extra money in the beginning, but it will be worth the investment to protect your deck.

Awnings are retractable, allowing you to sunbathe in the cooler months by pulling them back. They are designed to be heat-resistant and provide flexibility if you love basking in the sun. The Aleko Half Cassette Motorized Retractable LED Luxury Patio Awning offers ease of operation with the click of a switch.

Natural shade

You can create a natural barrier to harsh sunlight harming your deck by planting a shady tree. Using plants as natural shade filters out sunlight and helps keep the deck cooler by allowing the breeze to pass through. They will add more green to your deck area and make it look more fresh and appealing. Additionally, outdoor plants are naturally resistant to harsh sunlight, so they wouldn't require much maintenance. 

Wood alternative

Wood weathers and fades. It is also susceptible to mold, infestations, and rot. Wooden decks need to be restained and resealed every few years to keep them looking fresh. Such consistent maintenance can be avoided by using alternative materials. 

A popular alternative is a composite deck. Composite deck panels are made by combing wood fibers with plastic to make a more durable material with a longer life and fewer maintenance needs. VidaXL Decking Tiles WPC are decking tiles with an interlocking system made from wood and plastic composite. They are heat and water-resistant and have a longer life.


A pergola over your wooden deck has dual functions. It looks modern and stylish while providing sun protection to your deck. Pergolas are of different kinds, serving different purposes. The vidaXL Garden Gazebo with Retractable Roof Canopy makes a great gazebo and provides an option to retract the fabric covering if you are in the mood for sunbathing. On the other hand, the vidaXL Round Gazebo with Curtains allows more permanent shade along with privacy. Overall, pergolas are worth the initial investment.

6 Easy Methods To Protect Your Deck From Sun Damage

How to Build a Canopy Deck

  • Equip yourself with these tools: Kee Klamp fittings, pipe, and slope-down fittings.
  • Connect the pipes using the fittings.
  • Complete the structure for a frame of a canopy.
  • Lay the canopy in a way to partially provide a shade to the deck.
  • You can dismantle the fittings to remove the canopy when not in use.

How to Build a Pergola for Your Deck

  • Select the wood to be used for your pergola. You must use durable wood. Cedar is a good example.
  • Divide the lumber into 4 categories of uses
    • Posts
    • Header Boards
    • Purlins
    • Top stringer boards
  • Estimate the number of purlins and top stringer boards depending on the area of space you want to cover. Make sure you have all the measurements of the deck to be covered, and use these numbers while cutting the parts.
  • Cut out all the parts and smoothen them. You can paint them too if you wish to, but usually, the painting is done at the end.
  • The tools you will require for this are:
    • Jigsaw
    • Rivet gun
    • Screwdriver
    • Ladder
    • Snips
  • Assemble the pergola: Once you have equipped yourself with all the tools and your pergola parts are ready, you can start assembling. This is a labor-intensive task, so try not to finish it in one go. 

How to Install an Awning for Your Deck

6 Easy Methods To Protect Your Deck From Sun Damage

  1. Get your measurements right: Before starting any manual work, it is important to measure your space. This will help you purchase accurate tools and fittings. It will also indicate the type of patio you need for your deck. If this is one of your first DIYs, you might even consider marking the exact location that you will use to fix the awning.
  2. Mark the awning: Once you have ascertained the measurements of the wall and the awning, you can move to the next step. Mark the awning at the center and draw a line across the area where it will be installed. Ensure that the line is straight and leave a margin for estimation.
  3. Mark the location of the brackets: After the spacing is chalked out, you can move to the brackets. Mark the location of the brackets on the wall. An average awning requires 2 or 3 brackets on the wall. They should all be aligned in a straight line, so marking the wall prior is a good idea.
  4. Drill holes for bracket screws: Once you have marked the points where the brackets will go in the wall, you can start drilling holes for the bracket screws. An electric drill is ideal for this purpose. You can use a 12 or 14 mm drill bit.
  5. Install the brackets: Once the screw holes are in place, you can install the bracket using a drill or a screwdriver. The brackets must be attached firmly to the wall. You must check their stability before you install the awning.
  6. Install the awning: Lift the awning with the help of a second person and place it on the brackets. You will be able to notice any size mismatch at this stage. If the awning does not fit the brackets, then there is a problem with the alignment of the brackets. In this case, you will have to correct the positioning of the brackets. Once the brackets are placed properly, slide the awning into them and allow them to fit in smoothly. Ideally, the awning should not stick out from the brackets and fit perfectly.
  7. Fix the awning bar: Attach the awning bar to the brackets so the awning can be extended across the deck. You will need a bolt and a screw to fasten the awning into the brackets. Ensure the bar is steady enough to support the awning and tightly connected to the brackets.
  8. Place your awning: The last step is to spread your awning open with the help of the bars and enjoy the shade. You ought to be proud of the good work you have done. 

Now, your deck is safe and summer-ready.


All this hardware and masonry can make you feel unsettled, but it is easier than it seems. You can DIY almost anything in your house with the right tools and techniques. Even better, you can do a summer project with your friends or family and invest in something personal.

All the tools and parts you require to add a shade to your deck are available here; you don’t have to face the awkwardness of being clueless in a hardware store. Check out a whole range of deck coverings, from awnings to sun umbrellas, at Garage Department. The ideas mentioned in this article will protect your deck from the sun just enough for you to enjoy your summer evenings.
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