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Must-Have Pool And Spa Accessories In 2022

Must-Have Pool And Spa Accessories In 2022

Pool parties or quiet evenings watching the sun go down from your pool or spa with family and friends.

Whatever the "spa pool area of your dreams" looks like for you, adding some accessories can instantly enhance the aesthetic and the overall spa pool experience. 

There are numerous must-have accessories that you can add to increase the comfort of your spa pool and take your regular backyard experience to the next level. And they don't have to burn your pockets. Here are 14 must-have pool and spa accessories for 2022.

Pool and spa accessories that add fun and functionality

Floaties and Inflatables

Add a colorful variety of fun and useful float toys and inflatables to brighten your pool area. Inflatable island floating lounge raft is the best pool accessory that you can add to your pool. This bouncy and squishy inflatable is the best way to stay cool and entertained during sizzling hot summer days. Moreover, it is a great addition to keep your small ones playful. Whether you intend to spend a peaceful day by yourself floating on inflatables with your shades on and a cold drink in your hand or getting ready for a big pool party with all your friends and family, floats and inflatables are a must-have pool accessory to boost your fun quotient. 

Must-Have Pool And Spa Accessories In 2022

Wireless floating speakers

Without music, a pool party is not complete. Instead of placing your speakers outside the pool, and cranking up your audio, invest in a pair of quality, rechargeable wireless floating pool speakers.

The wireless speakers feature multiple volume settings, handy controls, long-range and waterproof, and excellent stereo sound quality. By pairing them to your device, you can enjoy your favorite playlists inside the pool while playing water games with your friends or just relaxing in the pool.

Floating serving trays

Floating serving trays are another must-have addition to your pool. It allows you to place food and drinks right next to you in the pool, saving you and your guests the trouble of exiting the pool to get snacks and drinks. 

They're a fantastic way to enjoy meals and a glass of drink in the pool without worrying about the spillage. They've become a must-have pool accessory for pool parties and chill pool days.

Water sports accessories

Friendly competition may transform an ordinary pool day into a full-fledged sporting event. Adding an Aleko inflatable playtime 4-in-1 bounce house is an excellent pool game accessory. It is also a good way to get a group of friends and family members involved in fun activities. Besides, there are many other interesting pool sports accessories that you can add to your pool. Among the most popular ones are:

  • a basketball hoop that is fixed to the pool's side 
  • a moving soccer goal net 
  • a volleyball net that floats 
  • ring toss
Water slides

Another interesting pool accessory is the Aleko commercial grade inflatable dual water slide. Adding it to your pool is a great way to enjoy pool days with your kids. Many contemporary inflatable water slides come with climbing rails, splash pools, and water cannons. Although it may seem like a lot of work to set up and take down the slide, it is worth the effort. Most inflatable water slides don't take more than three to five minutes to set up and take down. You can place inflatable water slides either outside of the pool and use them in the parking area or next to the pool and use them to slide into the pool.

Solar pool heaters

No one wants to swim in icy cold water when it comes to colder months of the year. VidaXL pool solar heating panel is one of the high-quality pool solar heaters available in the market. This solar pool heater is an economical and sustainable solution for heating your pool during cold months. Since most of the solar pool heaters run on solar energy and are made using a tube-and-web design, it allows for normal expansion and contraction as the panels heat up and cool down.

One of the most important benefits of solar pool heaters is that you can enjoy the perfect water temperature that best suits you all year round. Unlike the electric pool heater, the solar pool heater will cost you nothing. You will not have to worry about high electricity bills. Plus, they're easy to install and are 15 to 20 years old.

Pool covers

Next on the list of "must-have pool and spa accessories" is a pool cover or cover lifter. When your swimming pool or hot tub is not in use, it is highly recommended to keep it sealed to prevent it from dirt, debris, insects, and other weather elements. 

Generally, pool covers and cover lifters come in different types of materials, from supple vinyl to stronger models composed of foam and aluminum. Depending on the size and shape of your pool and hot tub and how often you use it, you can pick a suitable pool cover or lifter. VidaXL pool cover is one of the best pool covers available in the market. It is made of high-quality polyethylene, which is water-repellent and tear-resistant. It is easy to install and can help increase the longevity of your pool.

Cascade waterfall swimming pool fountain

Cascade waterfall swimming pool fountain is another fun and visually stunning pool accessory you can install to your pool. The best part about this fountain is that you can easily adjust the height and strength of it as per your liking. Moreover, this waterfall fountain will transform your pool into a glamorous oasis as well as offer a calming sound of waterfall to make you feel relaxed.

Waterfall pool fountains are great to enhance the circulation of pool water as well. Plus, they’re the most practical and easiest way to decorate your patio, and outdoor living space. Other benefits of waterfall pool fountains include cooler pool temperature, minimum water stagnation, and good level of oxygen content in water. 

Towel bar

A towel bar is another must-have pool and spa accessory. It makes it easier to grab a towel after a relaxing spa therapy or swim. For instance, if you’ve a towel bar next to the swimming pool or hot tub area, you can easily dry yourself right after getting outside of the pool and before stepping in the house. 

Spa umbrella

A spa umbrella is a must-have spa accessory to keep you covered from harsh sunlight, or if you’re just seeking shade and protection from other weather elements like rain. Adding an umbrella not only gives your spa pool some elegance, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. A VidaXL hanging parasol with a wooden pole is an eye-catching spa umbrella to protect you from harmful UV rays while relaxing with your friends and family on the patio. 

Spa or pool foot bath

The feeling of diligently skimming your pool just to have someone jump in, carrying bits of grass, dirt, and other debris with them, is one that you are familiar with if you have ever spent time scrubbing the floor only to have someone track mud right through it. 

Hence, it is essential to invest in a cute plastic foot bath that you can place next to the pool steps to save your sanity and shorten your skimming time. Foot bath allows you to clean your feet before getting into the pool. 

Steps for your pool or hot tub

The one of the most important pool accessories that you need is a set of steps that make it safe and simple for you to enter and exit your pool or hot tub. VidaXL pool ladder is a super strong stainless steel pool ladder that will never rust or corrode. It features stairs with non-skid surfaces and are designed to fit standard size pools. 

Must-Have Pool And Spa Accessories In 2022

Outdoor sauna

Another must-have spa accessory is the outdoor sauna. With ALEKO's Outdoor Rustic Cedar Barrel Sauna, you can revitalize your body and calm your mind. It is designed to offer all the comfort and health advantages of a traditional sauna experience at home. This sauna heats the air quickly and effectively since it is made of rustic cedar wood and is designed to maximize usable internal area while minimizing extra cubic feet.

Spa pillows

Sometimes all you want to do is let yourself melt away in your hot tub's soothing water. With comfortable, non-slip pillows directly attached to the hot tub walls, you can give yourself permission to relax and let go of all the tension in your body and imagine yourself to be a leaf floating calmly on the water. These pillows also provide good support to the neck and head.

Must-Have Pool And Spa Accessories In 2022


Keeping up with your swimming pool may seem like a daunting effort that you might overlook all the joy the pool might bring to you. However, adding fun accessories to your pool can instantly transform the whole look and feel of it. So, look no further and shop now for the must-have pool and spa accessories at the garage department today!
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